How Cute <3

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33. How Cute <3

"Okay (Y/N) you're free to go home". Your manager finally told to after a long day at work. You finally got to go home and see your husband Austin Mahone and your 6 year old son (Y/S/N) after a LONG day at work. You walked out of the office and started searching for your keys in your purse. You felt cold metal and pulled out your keys from your bag.

You got into your car and put in your keys. You pulled out of the deserted parking lot and turned on the radio.

When you got home it was about 10:30pm. You locked the car and unlocked the door to your beautiful home. "Im home!" you screamed. You put your purse on the table as for your keys.

You walked upstairs into yours and Austin's room to see Austin and (Y/S/N) sleeping on the bed. You giggled and went into the bathroom to change into your pjs.

When you finished getting ready for bed, you opened the door when Austin and your son ran up to you. "Rawrrr" they said. You laughed as (Y/S/N) ran into your arms. "I thought you guys were sleeping" you told them. "Nope" Austin said before kissing your cheek. "Well how about we all go to sleep now" you told the boys. "Okay mommy".

You laid down under the blankets with your son between you and Austin. "Goodnight guys, I love you". "We love you too" they both said in unison. You smiled to yourself and eventually fell asleep.

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