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  Louis is innocent. He has been shielded by the world. He loves wearing girl clothes because they make him feel pretty. Harry meets Louis and wants to strip him of his innocence. Harry is a punk. He has 27 tattoos and snakebites. He is loner and hates people... Well all people except for Louis. He really wants to be with Louis. Protect Louis... LOVE Louis. Will Lou let Harry in? 

 Liam is a nerd. It is the classic nerd in love with the jock. In this case the jock is the most popular kid in school, Niall Horan. Niall is openly gay... but he has never dated anyone. He doesn't want anyone that close to him... He has secrets... Will Liam uncover them while hiding the fact he loves Niall?  

This is a Niam/Larry high school story. There is rape, bullying, depression, self-harm, and self-hate. I really hope you enjoy. 

This is for HarrysinlovewithLou She asked for it and I wrote it. Go follow her she is awesome. 

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