A different path

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"SHHH, it all be over soon"

"Please don't. I'll give you anything just please not this." I begged

"Oh, you don't know how much your begging makes you want me even more" 

Gripping even tighter on my wrist pinning both hands above my head, he brought his hands down slipping my pants off and spreading my legs. As a whimper escaped my lips a sinister grin spread across his face. Straddling my waist with his hips he restricted me from moving, prepping himself for his next move, all I could do was wonder. Is how it would happen, my first time, not with the one I love but forced upon me by a stranger? With the music still playing loudly in the background I knew the party was still going on. My first time will soon be taken away in a just a few seconds by some stranger I met at a party. With this thought swirling around in my head, a spark of anger erupted in me.  

"NO, GET OFF OF ME" I furiously yelled, followed with a bite on the stranger's neck, causing him to release a string of profanity, releasing my arms. Remembering some self-defense moves I was taught, I figured to take this advantage by swinging a right hook to his facial area, causing him to topple to the side, leaving me completely free of his grip. Jumping off the bed I grabbed the sheet, to cover myself and ran. Feeling a slight tug at the end of the sheet, I yanked the sheet's releasing it from the stranger's grip and ran out the room full speed, slamming it shut. Sprinting to the closest room I seen, I slammed the door shut and locked it. Sinking to the floor, I let the tears pour out of my eyes, drenching the bed sheets covering me. Sitting against the the door, I silently cried myself to sleep, on the cold wood floor. RIght then and there that wooden floor seemed to be the safest place to at the moment. 


Hey guys, so I know it's short but I felt like it would be a good place to stop. I know this seems really vague but I only wrote it like that to keep readers interested. If people knew what was going on there really isn't much interest. I know there isn't a description of the story because honestly I don't really know how this story goes. I began writing it out of a spur of the moment inspiration, so sorry if you want a description, hopefully this prologue will keep you interested to come and check up on my story. Anyways please feel free to vote, comment, critique. 

-Stephhaannie (:

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