11) 22 Weeks Pregnant, Time For a Break

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‘Us two could share?’ I decided as I eyed Louisa. I could see Luca shaking his head in the corner of my eye. I think Louisa noticed to because she shook her head also.

‘I move too much, it’ll keep you and Bean awake,’ Louisa lied as she crossed her legs on the bed.

‘Luca, I guess it’s me and you,’ I laughed as I pulled Luca onto the opposite bed beside me. ‘Jackson, you’re with Louisa.’ Louisa grunted but then shrugged it off as she collapsed back onto the bed before putting her arms behind her head.

‘Okay, now we’ve bought our stuff back. I’m hungry,’ Luca stated as he stood up. ‘I want Nandos,’ Luca added as he opened his suitcase before shoving his coat into it.

‘Who’s up for it?’ I asked as I stood up also, Bean’s making me eat like a pig! Louisa and Jackson shrugged again as they stood up.

‘Jackson, lock the door please?’ I asked as I flung the hotel room keys in his direction before leaving the room with Louisa, Jackson and Luca walked slowly in the back.

The boys were up at the counter of Nandos ordering our food. ‘So, what are we doing after this?’ Louisa asked me as she crossed her legs on her chair.

‘I don’t know, we’ll ask the lads when they get back,’ I decided as I looked to see if they were at the counter yet. ‘We might be able to go to Harrods or something but we have three days here so no need to rush,’ I mumbled as I chewed the straw of my drink.

‘Why Harrods?’ Louisa questioned.

‘Maybe we’ll see something cute for the baby,’ I admitted with a huge smile. ‘Like I know it’s expensive but I want this little boy to be spoilt.’

‘I want to go see some tourist attractions, like Big Ben and Trafalgar Square,’ Louisa told me as she leant on the table. Luca and Jackson sat back down at the table, they were both laughing at something. ‘What’s so funny?’ Louisa questioned as she sipped her drink.

‘Nothing, Luca was flirting with that girl at the counter,’ Jackson grinned as he eyed some woman stood behind the counter working at the cashier. ‘It didn’t end to well.’ I just smiled and nodded as I continued to chew my straw.

            I scoffed some of the chips from the platter we were eating from. Jackson stared at me before blinking. ‘What...?’ I asked my mouth full of chips. ‘I pregnant, I eat more than a whale,’ I defended myself as I added another chip to my mouth before flipping Jackson off seen as he continued to stare at me.

‘This babies going to end up a junk food junkie,’ Louisa laughed as she watched me eat. I furrowed my brows at her before eating a little chicken.

‘Shut your face,’ I grunted through the chicken. ‘My baby will be a perfectly, healthy baby. I’ll feed him five fruits-a-day,’ I decided as I smiled like I’d said the smartest thing ever.

‘You got that right he’ll be healthy. I want a little football player baby,’ Jackson commented as he ate a chip himself.

‘A football player baby? What about rugby, that’s better,’ Luca pointed out as he at some chicken.

‘Dude, you play football,’ Jackson reminded Luca, Luca nodded his head softly.

‘And I play rugby; I think rugby is better though. I mean you can fight and not even get shouted at, it’s like the best cover up for punching someone in the face and not being noticed,’ Luca explained, he moved his hands around a lot.

I sat on the wall of one of the fountains on Trafalgar Square. Louisa sat beside me as we smiled for the camera which Luca was holding firmly. ‘Jackson take a photo for us, I want one with the girls’,’ Luca decided as he rammed the camera into Jackson’s hands.

‘But I want to be on the photo,’ Jackson whined as he turned around. There was an old couple stood behind him so Jackson decided to tap on the old woman’s shoulder. ‘Excuse me, could you take a photo for us please?’ Jackson questioned as he showed the camera to the woman.

‘Of course I could, how do you work it?’ the woman asked as she eyed the camera. Jackson gave her some simple instructions before handing her the camera then running towards us all. He sat at the side of me and wrapped an arm around my body. The camera made the “click” sound so we all separated.

‘Thank you very much,’ Jackson appreciated as he took the camera back. The woman nodded as she continued to look around like a real tourist. I bounded over to Jackson’s side so I could take a look at the picture myself.

‘I like it,’ I admitted as I smiled at us all, we looked so happy. ‘Anyway, are we going to Buckingham Palace now?’ I questioned grabbing Louisa hand. We both linked arms as we walked away from Luca and Jackson who were having some interesting conversation about cars.

The guards didn’t look too impressed with us as we stood next to them. Jackson tried to take one of their hats and wear it which earned him a grunt. ‘Do you have hair?’ Luca questioned stupidly as he stood in front of the guard. ‘Speak to me! I’m not that bad,’ he continued, his arms were still firmly crossed.

‘Luca leave the poor man alone, it’s his job to be boring,’ Jackson spoke stubbornly; I hit him on the arm at his cheek.

‘Sorry about these, can’t take them anywhere,’ I laughed to the guard, I swear I saw him smile a little but it instantly turned back to a straight, emotionless face. The gates of the palace were locked which sucked, we couldn’t do much so we didn’t hang around for long.

‘I want to go to Harrods,’ Louisa decided as she dragged both Luca and Jackson away from the guards who were surely getting annoyed.

By the time we’d finished with our first day of site seeing, I’d already spent like two-hundred pounds of both mine and Jackson money at Harrods. Bean now has a new jacket which is extremely cute but extremely expensive. I sat on the bed beside Luca and crossed my legs. It was getting late and everything was pretty queit. ‘I want you to leave Janet,’ I finally spoke harshly. Luca looked at me then eyed Jackson before looking back to me.

‘What are you talking about Bella?’ Luca questioned sternly.

‘I mean, your girlfriend is treating me like shit! I can’t deal with the fact that she constantly pulls you away from me. I mean when I was upset at school and she came and dragged you away from me, I needed you and she didn’t even care,’ I complained, spilling the entire truth.

‘But Bella, I need Janet,’ Luca whispered so no one, apart from me, could hear.

‘No you don’t Luca, you think you need her but really all she is doing is dragging you down. I don’t think she deserves you, and you my friend, needs to set higher standards for yourself.’

‘Coming from the pregnant sixteen year old?’ Luca questioned cheekily. I punched his arm.

‘I’m offended!’ I joked loudly as I collapsed onto the bed. ‘Anyway please leave Janet, for me?’ I questioned sweetly.

‘I’m not sure, Isabella. I’ll think about it,’ Luca spoke before jumping under the bed covers, he had some pyjama bottoms but his top half was bare. I rolled my eyes before sliding under the covers beside him. Louisa was already asleep and Jackson was listening to music, I think he secretly listened to everything we just said though.


 Here it is, the 11th chapter. Is Luca finally going to take a hint and ditch Janet? This chapter was more of a filler chapter, also I'm sorry that I updated so late; I still don't have a laptop so I had to borrow my sisters... I might be updating late again this week because I'm off to London for a few days, maybe like three or four. I might be getting a laptop when we get back from there but I don't know which one to get, when I get one the updates will be back to usual... Anyway, what do you think?

-T :)

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