Chapter 1 - Boardroom

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Bria was staring past her computer monitor towards the double doors of the office boardroom. She had zeroed in on a minuscule space from one of the doors left open ajar. It was just enough to see the shadows of the Human Resources Representative, a handful of lawyers and the CEO of Tidal himself Sean Carter, otherwise known as Jay-Z. She squirmed behind her desk straining her eyes and biting her lip as she visualized her boss silently sitting in the boardroom getting interrogated by the HR Rep. about the rumours of his inappropriate conduct with employees - one employee in particular. 

As the volume of the private meeting intensifies Bria notices that her fellow colleagues begin to appear around the corner attempting to ease drop. They are all clamouring, pushing and shoving like wild dogs trying to get the last morsel of raw meat. All the commotion eventually leads to one of the faceless, nameless lawyers getting up and slamming the door completely closed. Everyone abruptly scurries back to their respective desks and the office descends into a gradual hum. 

Just as Bria relaxes back into her seat her anxiety rises again as she contemplates what she should do next. She is desperate to find out the details of this meeting.

Think Bri. Think! She scorns herself.

It finally comes to her when she realizes as the Assistant her phone can conference into any desk or office within the building. She would have to be stealth about it though as it makes a loud beep when it becomes connected.

Think Bri. Think! She repeats.

 Think!  She repeats

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"Hi Mr. Carter I apologize for interrupting, but I was wondering if you were still planning on attending your lunch meeting with Mr. West this afternoon? I normally wouldn't be interrupting about a lunch meeting except that Mr. West gets pretty upset if we don't give him at least an hour regarding any rescheduling and.."

A deep voice abruptly interrupts her, "Yes please cancel ALL Mr. Carters' lunches, meetings and washroom breaks for the day. Thank you!"

"Alright. Alright. You don't need to come at her like that!" Jay Z pleads.

The sound of the phone receiver clicks but as she suspected they don't realize the connection is still live and every voice in the room is clear as day. Bria tip toes towards her door and closes it ever so slowly. As she inches back to her seat she hears the HR Rep. chastising  Jay.

"See it's things like this that will get you into a lot of trouble!" She exclaims

"Things like what? This is my business and these are my employees and no one will treat them with disrespect no matter what's going on in here!" Jay snaps back

"I'm sorry Mr. Carter but when the CEO of a company is in a closed door meeting w/ Human Resources and a legal team it should be common sense for an Assistant to understand that NOW isn't the time to be arranging lunch dates! This is the kinda thing that puts your relationship with your employees to question." She exclaims

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