Chapter 19- Double Decker Buses

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Chapter 19- Double Decker Buses

The next day I wake up as usual; irritated and ugly.

I switch off my alarm that rings beside my head. Stupid alarm walking me up with songs I am going to end up hating because they're songs that wake me up.

I throw my feet over the side and setup. Today's the day we go to the park! I've never been to Diversion park but I have always wanted to go. I guess I just didn't want to go alone and now I don't have to.

I get ready, putting on another one of Ruby's bikinis. I honestly love Ruby, yesterday she came over and brought a green and white striped bikini and gave it to me saying that I could keep it because it was too small for her and I have a "petite figure" so it would fit me and I could keep it.

I put on the bikini and put a jeans shorts on as well as a black top. I'm not wearing white cloths again ever to a place where I can get wet. Stupid Dylan.

I get into my green van and drive to school. Honestly, this car is so ugly. If I write "free candy" on the side it would fit the theme of the van perfectly. I walk towards the group of people in my grade that are waiting near a double decker bus.

Some of the guys are just wearing their swimming trunks with no shirt. I shall enjoy le view. Most of the girls are wearing butt shorts. Ew.

My eyes land on Dylan who is making out with a girl with long black hair, she's wearing a crop top and shorts that cover as much as underwear would. Possibly even less. Dylan's hands are on the girls butt.

I roll my eyes. That's disgusting, get a room you perv! My eyes wonder down to Dylan's shirtless body. Of course he is shirtless. But damn, god blessed him.

He looks so much better when its not dark, his body has a golden tan and his muscles are just so perfect and- What the hell!

I bite my lip and look away, realizing what I was thinking. Now whose the perv little miss Densil?

Shut up.

Ruby walks up to me, "Maya, you look great!" She says. I look down at my cloths and back up at Ruby, "Thanks Ruby, so do you." I say, smiling. Ruby is wearing a red dress that matches her hair and a black bikini underneath.

"Thanks! So Sebastian asked me to sitting next to him!" Ruby squeals, "And that means you have to sit next to Dylan." Ruby says and winks then looks over at Dylan who is still sucking faces with the dark haired chick.

"I don't care what happens, I will ship Daya 'til the end." Ruby states.

I chuckle, "Daya?" I repeat.

Ruby smiles, "Yeah, you like it? Or maybe Maylan? Mompson? Dylensil? Mylan?" Ruby says, tapping her chin. I chuckle, "You're like a walking ship name creator." I state. Ruby bows, "Why thank you, my lady."

"Alright children! Come to me so I can put your name down on the register and then get on the bus." Mr. Greene's voice shouts over the teenagers scattered in little groups.

We do as told and Ruby and I get on, ending up at the back of the bus. Ruby sits down at a two seater and I sit at the two seater on the opposite side of the isle.

Sebastian, Ryan and Dylan walk onto the bus, all three of them are shirtless, and all the girls turn to look at them. Me included, sadly. Sebastian walks down the isle and plops down beside Ruby who smiles and blushes.

Ryan goes and sits straight on Sebastian's lap and makes kisses faces at him and I just laugh and shake my head.

Dylan grins and sits down next to me, his arm brushes against mine making me shiver. "Why are you so cold?" I ask, wrapping my hand around half of Dylan's arm. I quickly move my hand when I realize I that I was touching Dylan's bicep.

Dylan chuckles at me and I feel a blush rise to my cheeks. God, he still makes me blush and this time he's not even trying.

"So guess what I found out today, nerd." Dylan says, ignoring my question. "Enlighten me." I say and raise my eyebrow. "I found out that you name is Maya Densil."

Oh my gosh. He didn't even know my name. I stare at him for a few seconds with my mouth open. "Densil like Densil Washington?" Dylan asks.

He didn't know my fricking name! My name! "You didn't know my name?" I ask. Dylan shrugs, "Nope, but I know it now at least. You should be honored that I remember your name now." Dylan says.

I glare at him and he just smiles at me. Stupid, gorgeous smile. I still can't believe he didn't know my name. I mean, for Pete's sake, I slept at his house! In his cloths!

Of course he didn't know your name Maya, you're a nerd, a nobody. Why would Dylan care who you are?

"Whatever." I say and turn to look out the window. "I don't care."

But I do.

And I think I know why...

I'm falling for Dylan.


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