I woke up to a beautiful morning. The sun was peaking out behind the thick white clouds and the wind was blowing creating a nice cool and calm atmosphere. To properly enjoying the serene weather I decided to for a morning jog. Where was my iPod ? I know it’s here somewhere. Lets see, I last used it for that new dance combo I was thinking of. I spotted my pink iPod lying on my dresser. Dead. Just great I mumbled to myself. Looks like I’m listening to the radio today, I said to no one in particular while grabbing my phone. 

I started jogging at a comfortable pace, enjoying the picturesque view. Ahh, I loved how the wind smacked me in the face and surprisingly the song choices on the radio. It was not often nowadays that I heard songs I actually liked. They were just about to announce the name of the artist when a very annoying beeping sound was heard. Two minutes later another was heard and another and another. By the time I got home from my jog I had heard three songs and at least fifty beeps. I was not in a good mood. I yanked my phone of the strap and unplugged my headphones but not before hearing yet another beep. I threw my phone across the room. I swore if I heard that annoying beep one more time I was going to kill someone. I decided to get myself a steaming cup of coffee. As I sat down and attempted to read the newspaper, I was interrupted by more infuriating beeps. What was so bloody important that my phone kept beeping at nine thirty in the morning? It was still summer. Not many people would be up. I unlocked my phone and punched in my password. My twitter was blown up. 

What was going on? I opened my twitter to find so many tweets saying “@PaulaAbdul, what is your response to the @Simon Cowell news? What news? What happened? What did Si do? I scrolled down my twitter only to find tweets that lead me to more questions. Then I saw it. @Simon Cowell is going to be a daddy. My heart stopped. A daddy? Simon? I read the article. I felt like a vacuum had been placed inside me sucking the air out of my lungs. I gasped for air like a fish out of the water while my mind kept screaming 'Simon is having a baby with his best friend’s wife' at me. This could be fake. I mean, they do this all the time. Rumors spread like a wildfire. Yeah that’s it. Rumors. I really wanted to believe that but after how Simon portrays himself and the things mentioned in his book, I did not know what to believe. Simon has some value right? I desperately hoped so and I knew so did the Saula fans. I scanned through the rest of the tweets. Most of them asked what was my reaction and how did I feel. So, what is my reaction and how do I feel? 

I sighed and went up to my office hoping that would would provide me the distraction I desprately needed. I did not want to think about this now. It could be some cock and bull story and what was the point in getting all worked up over nothing? 

Jenny’s pov

For the record, Jenny is Paula’s assistant and close friend. She can read Paula really well and she is one of the people Paula runs to with a problem. Fourth to only her mom, sister and Simon. 

“Good morning Paula,” I said, expecting a cheery reply followed by a comment on how nice the weather was. I knew Paula loved it when the sun was out but the wind was blowing keeping it cool although it was sunny. I was a bit taken back at her cold clipped words of “what’s so great about it?” I knew better than to question her or take it personally. She looked confused almost like a child trying to solve a complicated math problem. What was going on in that little head of hers. I continued my work occasionally glancing at Paula. I noticed she had turned on her computer and appeared to be reading something. I watched as she stared into the screen. She seemed so out of it, so confused and hurt. What happened this morning? The room was a deafening silence. I was not used to working in such quiet. Although we were often silent, there was always the sounds of fingers pressing buttons on the keyboard or soft music playing in the background. I had not heard Paula typing on the computer although I knew it was on. I nervously looked up from my stack of cleverly organized letters and fan mail to see what Paula was up too. 

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