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*Imigie's POV*


Everyone else was surprised except for me because I knew he was the psycho because he showed me in that room.

Josh was grinning like a boy and laughing.

"Every one of you. You got my name," he laughed. "Don't you enjoy feeling terrorized, humiliated. I mean, panicked? All those emotions that my sisters got to feel one year ago? Only guess what? They didn't get to laugh it off. Nope, no, no, no. They're gone."

Sam cut Ashley free while I went to cut Chris free. Watching what was happening in front of me was hard. Seeing my own boyfriend in this state of mind was tough to watch. I would have look deep in my efforts to snap him out of it.

"I don't know if you noticed this Josh but none of us are laughing," Mike retorted in a angry tone.

Everyone looked angry while I stood there looking shocked and agonized.

"Oh come come come on why the long faces?" Josh asked, still grinning. "It's good to get the heart racing every now and then. The only one who I didn't want to scare was Imigie. She was the only one who did anything to try to find my sisters. She ran out in a goddamn snowstorm just to find them. But anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little phantasmagorical spectacle. I mean, no detail too small! No opportunity missed! It was such a delight to play the puppet master to all of your Pavlovian panic! And all that gore? I mean, gore, there was gore galore! Fake bodies! I mean, God that shit was expensive! And no retakes. Nope, only double takes. You should have seen your faces. Hook line sinker for every little sinker."

Everyone looked baffled, unsure what to say about what he said. The agony in my eyes didn't change.

"Josh, why are you doing this?" Sam asked sternly.

"Don't even ask this squrily little runt," Mike said angrily to her. "He's got no clue. He's out of his fucking tree."

"Well he's definitely off his meds," Chris said.

"He's suffering on the inside," I spoke up.

No one seemed to pay attention to me but they had all their eyes on Josh and I had a feeling that in a moment, Mike would snap.

"Oh come on you guys," Josh said. "Revenge is the best medicine."

"You're done," Mike replied.

"Mike he's sick," Chris said sternly.

"You guys are gonna thank me when you guys become Internet sensations," Josh said excitedly.

I froze while everyone else gasped.

"I don't know if there's even enough hard drives in China to count the views that we're gonna get you guys," Josh remarked.

"What are you talking about you asshat?" Mike yelled. "Jessica is fucking dead."


"Jessica is dead," Mike said. "And you're gonna fucking pay you dick!"

Mike was about to hit Josh with a gun he had in his hand but I reacted fast by getting in between the guys, taking the gun out of Mike's hand.

Mike was startled, probably didn't expect me to come in front of him and Josh. Behind me, I heard Josh rambling complete random shit but I had my attention to Mike.

"What the hell was that for Imigie?" he yelled.

I had a serious expression on my face, telling him I was going to make a serious statement.

"Mike," I said sternly. "I may have not known what was going on but I already have it all figured out. What Josh did was definitely over the line but have you noticed how much he's suffered? I'm not trying to take sides. Josh is just severely misunderstood. I agree a revenge scheme is not a healthy way to go but you don't see how much he's suffering on the inside."

Mike squared his shoulders and looked at me boldly in the eyes until something interrupted my thoughts.

Flashback: I finished reading my mother's email to me so I moved on to my father's email and read it carefully. Wendigo. Eat human flesh, always hungry, will kill if someone moves, people become one after turning cannibalistic in the mountains. Wendigo.

End of flashback.

I gasped then refocused on Mike with stern eyes. What this vision told me gave me a reason to tell them that Josh wasn't the danger.

"Mike, I need you to step back for a minute," I said. "I have to tell you all something."

Mike, Sam, Ashley, Chris and even Josh seemed to pay attention to me. It was my time to say what I had to say. It didn't even matter if they thought I was crazy. If my parents knew about it, then I was going to spill the truth.

"Guys," I said with a stern tone in my voice. "We have to survive until dawn. There is something out there in the mountains. They are vicious creatures, or monsters. These monsters are always hungry over human flesh and will kill anything that will move. They are known as Wendigo. If any individual resorts to cannibalism in these mountains, the ghost of the Wendigo will be released. Don't even move an inch when you come across them or you're dead. There is a man with a flamethrower who's my uncle. He's a Wendigo hunter and so is my mother and father."

Josh looked crazed, Chris, Sam and Ashley were baffled and Mike let out a fake laugh. He was definitely thinking that I was crazy.

"Guess what guys?" Mike said. "Look at Imigie right here. She's crazy, crazy as Josh!"

"It's hard to believe your story," Chris said, trying to make the situation less tense. "You have any proof?"

I shook my head sadly.

"I can only give you my word," I replied. "I wouldn't be saying this if I didn't know about it."

Mike shook his head then pulled me closer, holding on to the sleeve of my jacket. He looked into my eyes with serious eyes.

"Don't fucking lie to me, bitch," he sneered then he pushed me down to the ground, hard.

"What the fuck Mike?" Josh shouted. "You're gonna do that with her?"

"Shut up psycho!" Mike shot back at him. "She's crazy like you."

"Doesn't mean you should push her like that!"

"Mike," Chris said. "I know it's hard to believe Imigie' story but it doesn't help to push her like that."

Mike shook his head then begin to tie my wrists behind my back.

"Chris," he said. "How about we take these loony lovers to the shed. Let them have their romance there because they're crazy."

I opened my mouth in shock, not believing what I just heard.

"Are you for real Mike?" I asked. "I'm trying to keep all of you safe. I'm not lying."

Before I could do anything else, I felt something come to contact with my head.

"Bastard!" I heard Josh shout.

"Why Mike why?" I heard other shouts before the darkness took over me.

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