Yn:and so are you*gets out the car*

A/n:his mama name is Lisa(she looks like lisa raye:http://ionehellobeautiful.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/lisa-raye_0003-11.jpg )

Lisa:*gets out the car and runs to the door*

yn:*unlocks the door and walks in*

[y'all go in the house and gets settled in]

(meanwhile else)

???:where the hell is Lisa

??? assistant:idk

???:you were to suppose to watch her*slaps his assistant*

??? assistant:I'm sorry*on the ground crying*

???:bitch get yo ass up*grabs her*where did she go

??? assistant:s-she got in a car with t-two people...they look like they were in their early 20s Zino

Zino:ok*starts to choke her*Nivea don't you ever call me out my name ever again you go that

Nivea:*trying to get out her words*yy-yes(she looks like Christina Millian)

(Back At The House)

iloni:*phone rings and answers it*hello

Ariana:mommy gma said were almost there

iloni:ok baby...I'll see you when you get here

Ariana:love you mommy

iloni:love you to

Ariana:*hangs up*

(20 minutes later someone knocks at the door)

Denise:daddy somebody knocked at the door

Princeton:ok let's go see who is*grabs her hand and opens the door*

Denise:ARIANA!*hugs her tight*



Denise:o sorry*Lets go*

Princeton:come in*let's them in*

Ariana:*runs to you*HI!

Yn:hey Ari

Ariana:*whispers in your ear*is that your boyfriend over there*points to Ray*

yn:*shakes your head no and points to Princeton*

Ariana:*whispers*that's even better*gets up and walks up to Princeton*hey you mr.

Princeton:*looks down*yes

Ariana:can I holla at you for a minute

Princeton:uum yea sure

Ariana:*pulls him to the side*you dating my god mommy*points to yn*


Ariana:*grabs his arm and pulls him down to her height*you better treat her right son*walks away*

Princeton:*gets up shaking his*

(5 minutes later)


[everybody gets quiet]

Denise:I was thinking...and I think that we should have a family sleep over

Ariana:Family Sleep Over??(btw Ariana looks like Zuri from jessie but as a 5 yr old)

Denise:yea my gma is here,your gma is here...my daddy my mommy and my god mommy is here...my uncle and my best friend is here*hugs Ari*so yea family sleep over

yn:I think that's a good idea



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