First argument, and lemon

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Gerald and I don't really see each other a lot. He's been on tours for about three months now and I miss him like hell.
He said he would visit me the next time he was in town, that was two weeks ago, he never came. The fucker never came. Now I'm just sobbing in bed. I'm so happy for him, but seriously, don't even visit me for three fucking months!? What the hell?! Today, he said he would actually visit me, since his concert had canceled (for some weird reason).
I heard the door open to my bedroom, I looked up and saw him soaked." Gerald?!" I jumped up and ran to him, he grabbed my waist and spun me around, I gave him a passionate kiss and smiled." I missed you so much." I said as we pulled back, we rested our foreheads together." I missed you too." He said and looked into my (E/C) eyes. He kissed me again and i pushed him away," Why the fuck did you not visit me though?!" "Cause I was busy as hell with my job!" "You could've visited me, even if it was for a minute! I was worried sick about you!" "At least I'm getting paid!" He mumbled." What?" "I said AT LEAST I'M GETTING PAID?!" "You know what? I have been waiting for you to come home so I can tell you that I got a job as a model, one month ago! But guess what...? You never did!" His mouth agaped." W-wait what? You got a job as a model? That's awes-" "I know it's awesome. I get paid $250 almost every week." He didn't speak," I get paid more." He mumbled looking at his shoes. I gasped pissed off," Are you fucking with me? You know what, fuck you." I started packing my bags, he started pulling stuff out," Woah woah wait. What're you doing?" What the hell do you think?" "You're not breaking up with me are you?" I looked at him with a straight face," Obviously." He grabbed my waist and pushed us on the bed," I'm not letting you go." He kissed me and took off me shirt. Gerald started leaving kisses and bits on my neck. G sucked on my earlob and then started unhooking my bra. He stood up really fast and grabbed a condom slipping it on. He jumped back on me and started sucking on my nipples. I moaned and he bit one making me moan more and louder. He took off my jeans and underwear and licked my womanhood. I smiled in pleasure and he said," This might hurt." He said and slowly stuck himself inside me and I screamed." Shshshsh." He said and kissed me. Then he started thrusting, his man thingy sliding in and out every time. I moaned and closed my eyes. We finally climaxed and he laid down next to me wrapping his arms around me," You're not going anywhere."
A/N I know, i know I said I will not request lemons, but I just wanted to add a little something for all you fans who want to have sex with him 😂

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