Chapter 10

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Its been 4 days since they've been in Bali.

I open my eyes and stretch, hitting someone accidentally and making the person grumble. I giggle and look over to see Michael rubbing his eye. "Sorry, I didn't mean to." I say and try to muffle my giggling but failing.

Michael smirks and begins to tickle me. "I don't think that was a good enough apology baby girl!" He says and starts blowing raspberries on my stomach. ( why do we even call them that?? )

I scream and try to push him off. "Mikey stop please, you win! I'm sorry!" I say between gasps of air. He chuckles and scoops me up, heading toward the kitchen.

Michael comes to a halt when we enter the kitchen, my eyes widening when I see the scene in front of me. Calum and Luke were making out right in front of us and they didn't even notice we were there.

Michael clears his throat and both guys jump apart, looking embarrassed. "Uhhh I think we should tell her now." Calum says awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.

Calum comes over to where I am and picked me up. We all head over to the couch and sit down. "So we're kinda like in a foursome relationship, we were gonna tell you soon but I guess now the secrets out." Michael says and glares pointedly at Calum and Luke.

They blush and look down making me laugh. "It's okay I mean at least all the fanfictions about you guys can be true." I say and shrug. They each have horrified looks on their faces and look at me. I giggle and poke Michael.

"Is Ashton still asleep?" I ask. "I don't know but you can go wake him up because we leave tomorrow and I want to make sure we're all packed." He says and ruffles my hair. I nod and skip happily to Ashton's room, a smirk growing on my face because I know exactly how I'm gonna wake him up.

"I KNEW YOU WERE GAY!" I shout and jump on his bed. Ashton shoots up and looks at me shocked. He stutters and blushes while I laugh my butt off.

He finally snaps back into reality and pulls me down and onto his lap. "How'd you find out?" He asks with a chuckle. "I walked into the kitchen just to find Luke and Calum making out, it was awesome." I say casually.

Ashton facepalms and chuckles. "We were gonna tell you but I guess we got too caught up. Anyway, wanna go back to the living room?" He asks. I nod and he picks me up.

"But first, I think someone needs to be changed, what do you think?" He asks. I blush and nod, burying my head into the crook of his neck.

He coos and lays me down on the bed, getting out a fresh nappy and wipes. He quickly changes me and dresses me into a Smashing Pumpkins shirt and skinny jeans with converse. Then he takes me into the bathroom to brush my teeth.

We go downstairs and sit on the couch with the rest of the boys. "So how did she wake you up?" Michael asks Ashton. "She barged into my room and screamed that she knew I was gay and jumped on the bed." Ashton replies, glaring playfully at me.

All the boys burst out laughing as Ashton sulks. "Cheer up babe, at least now she knows." Michael says and kisses Ashton's cheek. Mashton in alive I think in my head.

"Well now that we're all packed and it's only 10:00, what do you guys want to do?" Calum asks. "Well I was thinking we could get breakfast then maybe go the zoo?" Ashton suggests.

"Is that what you wanna do baby girl?" Michael asks me. I nod and bounce up and down a little on the couch. Ashton laughs and picks me up.

"I know a place that you guys might like but you'll have to wait to find out." He winks at me and I giggle. We go outside and get in the car to drive to the place Ashton was talking about.

Once we arrive to the destination I look around. It looked like we were in front of a barn. Once we entered, a waitress motioned for us to follow her.

Once we sit down, she asks us for our drink orders. After she leaves, we start up a conversation about random stuff. When she returns, she not only carries our drinks but a bowl of some kind of batter and toppings.

I tilt my head to the side as Ashton grabs the bowl and pours it on the table! I look at him shocked that he would do that but then I realize that the batter is cooking. "The table has a skillet under it so we can cook food right in front of us! I thought you would like this place." He says and helps me flip a pancake.

I look over to see Luke helping Michael flip an egg and Calum taking a video. I smile and turn back to my chocolate chip pancake. Ashton cuts up my pancake and let's me feed myself cause we're in public.

After eating, we pay and walk around for a little bit for our stomachs to digest. "Its time for the zoo!" Ashton exclaims and bounces besides me. He pokes me until I look at him. "Are you excited?!" I laugh and copy his actions. "Yes!" I say.
We get in the car and Michael puts on My Chemical Romance. I stare out the window as we drive to the zoo.

Sorry it wasn't that good but I promise the next chapter will be :) also Gerard looks so hot ...that's all

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