Jade in the Media.

💎Jade's POV💎



I didn't check twice to see if Ronnie was running with me. Just to be on the safe side, I looked back, expecting to see Ronnie, but saw guards instead.

Weakling ass Omegas, I thought, running faster. Now's my chance.

Having your mom run a defense class kinda help me. Cause hey, you never know what situation that you might be in!

I pull out the knife I stored in my bra wherever I went.

If they wanted to catch me, I wasn't goings down fighting. Boys are so stupid. Pey says.

The first guy latched on yo my arm, and I stabbed him in his stomach.

The next guard was even stupider. I rounded thet corner, and I hid in a secret wall space. This fool ran right past me.

While he was looking around confused, I jumpied on his back and started choking him.

He backs up into the wall, and punches me in my face.

"Alpha said to bring you back, but he never sfaid to bring you back unharmed."

Lets see how he does with the guilt trip.

I pinch my thighs, and my best puppy dog eyes and tears.

"So I have to give up my freedom to be with someone who can't see I'm happy where I am?"

He looks surprised and then smiles.

"Alpha never said he had an emotional bitch as his mistress." He grabs me roughly by my arm.

And I let him lead me to the hallway we've been to before. Then I knee him where the sun doesn't shine.

"I'm not the your Alpha's mistress, I'm his mate, and thank you for indirectly calling me beautiful," I said kicking him in his head.

Bitch is a female dog,
Dogs bark at trees.
Trees are apart of nature,
And nature is beautiful.

I hope he has a concussuion.

I start walking around looking for Ronnie, but end up running into the third guard.

I give him a slap in the face, you could hear the 'PAT!' Echoing in the hallway. Then, I swept his legs out from under him.

He collapsed, and I took another shot. I pressed on his chest, so he couldn't breathe, so that he was wheezing.

"Please," he begs. "I have bad asthma!" I lightly press on his chest, so if he tried to escape, he couldn't.

"Tell me everything that you know, or I'll cut off your balls, and shove it down your throat." Pey growls, as I drag him up with my hand.

He was skinny, shoo, you could tell that from a mile away! But I guess that's not the right word for him..skimpy? Yes.

He just looks past me, and smirks.

That motherfucker thinks he can get away? Peyton growls, and I can tell she's pissesd.

You take over, I tell her. With pleasure, she says back. I cut the mind link as everything becomes clear.

And I can smell more things, see more things, hell, I can hear more things.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see someone take a step towards me. And I can tell they have a knife. From the glint that my wolf senses didn't fail to see in the light.

I throw Buckteeth into the wall, on the other side of the dining room, as Mysterious swipes at me.

(Yes whoever this nigga is, he has a ski mask on. And I think that Buckteeth is unconscious.)

What the hell?! I think. He looks familiar. And that same scent! Is it..Colton? Moon Goddess, I think to myself, Please stop fucking with me.

I kick him where the sun didn't shine, and hear him groan. When I tried to punch him, he caught my hand.

Damn. Yo ass betta run! Peyton said. Like you're being any help, I commented back. I kneed my attacker, then hauled ass into the dining room. Yes Sammie's parents had a mansion. It wasn't as big as my family's, but still. It was bigger than all of the pack members, whose houses ran along side of the our mansion.

Because Samantha's dad was my dad's Beta. Thinking about this, I tripped, then slammed my head into the wall.

Oh shit! Peyton, I'm seeing stars, I tell her, swaying on my feet.

Hold on Jade! I'm going to switch, 'cause I know that I can take the pain. She says back.

Does that mean that you're calling me 'weak?!' I wince as I yell in my head.

Okay Peyton tells me back, ignoring me completely.

My vision becomes more clear, and I can hear my attacker's footsteps. He grabs my hair, then yanks. Fuck naw! Peyton yells in my head. I elbow him.

Then something silver flashes in his hands.

He has a needle!


Since it's summer, I'm looking back at all the things I wrote in this book when I was 12 and I'm like "Liyah, no. THE CRINGE IS REAL."

But I think it's ok now. The cringe level is 0 and the Serious level is ________*insert number*

Y'all know what to do:




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