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Pen Your Pride

His ex is the reason for your death: (G)

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"No Ethan! I can't!" I scream,

"No Y/n Grayson loves you!!! he's a mess right now!!!" Ethan screamed,

"Goodbye Ethan, tell Grayson I love him" I said jumping off the bridge, I drown but think I should've gave Grayson a chance and let him explain, but what if Chloe was lying? but soon my heart stopped beating.


"Hey fat cow" Chloe said,

I ignored,

"Grayson never loved you, it was bet we made, he's cheating on you, he's been seeing me when your not around, and he fucks me so good" Chloe said.

I slapped her.

"Hey babe-"

"YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!" I said slapping him.

I went home and cried, and cried, this is how is feels to be cheated on, our memories, I was there for him when he was getting his wisdom teeth out and he betrays me. I write my note.

I get a call from Grayson plus a million texts, but I didn't bother to check.

Grayson's POV:

"YOU BITCH!!!!!" I said punching Chloe, I love Y/n and that bitch made Y/n leave me.

"Now she knows how I feel when you broke my heart" Chloe said,


"Yeah so" Chloe said,

"I was happy and you made her leave me, what did you say?" I said,

she ignored,

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!?!" I screamed,

"I lied to her saying that your cheating on her with me" Chloe said,

"WHAT?!?!?!" I cried,

"Yep, now you can move on to me" she said,

"Ok number 1 I would never cheat on Y/n, number 2 you broke my heart and I can't trust you, number 3 I love Y/n and not you, Y/n is my girlfriend and not you" I said.


~after Y/n's suicide~

"Ethan where is Y/n?!?!" I cried,

"Grayson I'm so sorry....."


He stayed quiet.

"Y/n killed herself after what Chloe told her" Ethan said.

"What?!?!?! No!!!!!!" I cried.

I've slashed my writs enough, I've smoked enough, I've drank enough, I've burned my thighs enough, I've cried myself to sleep enough, I think it's time to tell Y/n the truth in heaven. I want Y/n, I need Y/n, she's my girlfriend.

"I love you mom, I love you dad, I love you Cameron, I love you Ethan, I love you Y/n" I said jumping off.

~Ethan's POV~

Grayson has been a mess from when Y/n left him, and even more from when Y/n died. I can't believe Chloe was so heartless, 1st she cheats on Grayson then she lies to Y/n and makes Y/n take her own life.

"Hey mom hey dad" I said,

They were crying.

"Where's Grayson?"

They cried more,

"We're sorry-"

"No! No! He's not dead!!!!!! Grayson's not dead!!!!!!" I cried.

I went to Chloe's room, she was taking a bath.

I went in and did what's right.

I pushed her face in making it hard for her to breathe, put in scorching hot water, and slashed her throat, minutes later Chloe was dead and in hell.

~20 years later~

"Dad I'm home!!!" Grayson jr says holding his girlfriend Y/n jr's hand.
"Hey Gray" I said,
"Mom? what are you doing here?" Y/n jr asks Y/n's older sister Courtney,
"I'm helping Nicole (my wife) out" Courtney said.
I saw Y/n jr and Grayson jr kiss, he looks exactly like Grayson and his personality is just like Grayson's. I miss my brother. Y/n jr looks exactly like Y/n, god I miss her too. Plus their relationships are the exact same.
"Hey Y/n wanna go into the woods for adventure and some you know what?" Little Grayson winked. He also had an eye for adventure.
"Fuck yes" Little Y/n said,
"Ok kids use protection" I said.
"So how are you doing?" I ask Courtney,
"Eh, I still miss her",
"I miss him too" I said.

Little Y/n's POV:
"OH FUCK GRAYSON RIGHT THERE!!!!!" I scream as my boyfriend hits my g-spot after each thrust.
"Oh fuck Gray right there" I hear.
Grayson jr and I jump up and turn to see 2 ghosts fucking. The girl looked exactly like me and the guy looked exactly liked Grayson but yet his father since little Gray did look ALOT like his father. I felt like I saw something though. They waved and I waved back but I thought I lost it.

Ethan's POV:
"Hey dad?" Little Grayson asked,
"Is it crazy that I saw a ghost?"
"Today Y/n and I were in the woods and we saw 2 ghosts and the guy looked alot like you almost as if you were twins" My son said,
"Oh my god!" I said,
"Grayson, you were named after my twin brother Grayson Bailey Dolan, he was vine famous, He was 20 minutes younger than me. When he was 16 he died" I said,
"How did he die?" My son asked,
"So He was dating a girl named Y/n. Before he met Y/n he dated a girl named Chloe. Chloe cheated on him for 6 months. He was broken at 1st but then he met Y/n and she changed him. Chloe was a jealous heartless bitch so she lied to Y/n and Y/n believed. Y/n then left Grayson and Y/n took her own life. Grayson was so broken from seeing Y/n die so he took his own life. But ugh that bitch Chloe, 1st she cheats, 2nd she tears a happy couple apart, then she causes them to take their own life" I said,
Grayson jr was crying,
"Oh my god I'm dating a girl named Y/n that means..."
"Yes Grayson, Courtney is Y/n's sister" I said,
"Was Y/n older?"
"No Courtney was 5 years older" I said.

Little Grayson's POV:
I cant believe it! that's why I keep on getting flashbacks, from my previous life. I took Y/n jr's hand "My parents told me everything" Y/n jr said. We saw the 2 ghosts. "Hi" We said.
"Your my uncle" I said to Grayson,
"Wait... OH MY GOD!!!" He said,
"Yeah, Ethan's my dad" I said,
"OMG how is he?" He asked,
"He's doing pretty good, he visits your grave every day" I said.
"Really? he remembers me?"
"Of course he does"

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