Chapter Ten: Jason

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   I stared silently at the two lifeless bodies on the blood-soaked ground. My hands were trembling with fear.

"Now. Now, it's time for y-you two." Piper hissed sadistically. My eyes glanced over to Percy. The fear inside me was too much to handle. Suddenly, I started to scream. My voice got louder by the minute until it felt like my vocal cords were tearing apart. I didn't know what was happening until the silhouette of a large creature was towering over me.

"What happened here?" A male voice said calmly.

"I killed them!" Piper's voice rang.


What sounded like multiple syringes and screams were the last things I heard.

~Skip of the Time Variety~

"Jason. Jasooon! Wake up!" A voice was pulling out of my sleep. I slowly opened my eyes to see Percy. He had a bandage wrapped around his forehead. I sat up in my bed immediately, pain coursing through my left side.

"Hey, just chill." Percy said, placing a hand gently on my shoulder and helping me lay back down. I obliged and let him lay me down.

"W-what happened?" I asked, fear seeping into my voice. Percy glanced at me with a small amount of pity in his eyes.

"Jase, what happened last night-" Percy's voice was full of pity. It sounded like he was trying to almost baby me.

"Percy, I want to know what happened last night." I said. The fear was almost non-existent, and was replaced with complete seriousness.

"Fine..." Percy said, breathing out a sigh.

"I trust you remember the fight with the girls and... Nico..." Percy began. As Percy said Nico's name, I noticed small, glistening tears forming in the corners of his eyes.

"After that, Chiron came and... and took Piper and the bodies away. You were... unconscious at the time when Will and some of the Apollo kids took us to the infirmary. Then they helped us, and left us here. Chiron should be coming by any minute to talk to us." Percy said. I nodded, the memories started to flow back into my head like water in a stream.

"So Piper is-"

"Gone, Jason. She's been sent somewhere to help her mentality. As much it pains me to say it, she's become dangerous." I was cut off by Chiron walking into the small infirmary.

"Oh..." I said, my eye flittering away from the gash in the centaur's forehead. I didn't know how it got there, and I didn't want to know how it got there.

"Jason, you were the one who was fighting Annabeth, and Annabeth was... well, not to be blunt, but killed last night. And I know you have been through a lot lately, but I have just one question; did you kill her?" Chiron said. My heart started to pound.

"Do you even hear what you're saying?! Jason would never kill anybody! I know him better than anyone in this whole entire camp, and he would never even think about murdering anybody. Ever." Percy growled at Chiron, which really surprised me. Then, Percy sat next to me on the bed, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

"Ok Mr. Jackson, no need to get worked up. I believe you. I would just like to know who took out Annabeth and Nico. At least I now know that this was all out of jealousy." Chiron said, muttering the last part about jealousy. Percy seemed to not hear the last part; by the way he was squeezing my shoulder, I could tell that he was getting nervous.

"Nico and Annabeth took each other down, Chiron. Right before Nico killed her she slit his throat. Nico bled to death." I said grimly. Chiron nodded.

"Thank you. Now, you two need rest. Goodbye, boys." Chiron said, walking out. Once he shut the doors, Percy and I laid back in my bed. He wrapped both his arms around me and layed his head in my neck. We layed like that for about 30 minutes until an idea, might I add a crazy one, popped into my head.

"Percy, I know what we should do... What we should do about all of this." I said, breaking the stiff silence.

"Yeah. Me to..." Percy said. For some reason I knew that we were thinking the same exact thing.

"When do we do it?" I asked. Percy seemed to take this into consideration.

"Tonight." He said after a few moments of quiet. I nodded. What we were thinking was crazy; we could even get kicked out of camp... maybe. But if it would save Nico, it was worth it.

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