Chapter 1

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I am Kim Violet. 17 years old so 2 years younger than my brother. As my parents say our birth are a mistake because they forgot some type of protection. So questions rose between us like why didn't they leave us or better yet let us die. But we didn't care as long as we had each other but that change when he died. Not exactly since I can see ghost. I can make them appear human.

I woke up and went downstairs to cook breakfast. While I was cooking I heard my mom's footstep. She comes into the kitchen and slap me.

What did I do I just walk downstairs ugh this is why I want to leave but I don't have the money.

"Next time get up earlier to cook."

I bowed and when she left I rolled my eyes. I continued to cook and when I look up I got scared.

"Ya oppa you scared me. You need to stop popping in front of me."

"But it's fun scaring you and gwenchana?"

"Yeah I'm fine."

"Hey come on Vi you have to hurry up if you want to get to school early."

Vi not pronounce as V but as Vy. He came up with the nickname.

"Okay okay but remind me that you have to turn visible and human."

"Yeah I got it."

My brother is Kim Seokjin or Jin. Even though he is dead but I can somehow turn ghost to human only for 8 hours until they return to their ghost again. He is part of the group BTS and I always secretly listen to them because my parents would throw them away or rip their posters or doodle on their faces. We are still finding who murder him but it is hard.

I finish and ran out the house. I got to school and went to my usual spot which is the roof.

"Ah finally."

"Hey you have to do that remember."


I held his hand and close my eyes. The wind around blew hard and then stop. I open my eyes and oppa wasn't floating any more.

"Thanks lil sis. Don't worry soon you'll be able to move away from our parents. Besides you are stronger than me."

I roll my eyes and said goodbye because even though he looks human right now he still possesses his ghost abilities by that he can still be invisible to people and fly which is annoying but still.

He left and I then sigh at what is going to happen if I walk into the classroom.

I went into the classroom people snickering at me. My desk was cover in guts and blood. The words die was something me and my brother would see everyday but now it's just me who see it everyday.

"Oh my gosh. I wonder who would do such a thing."

Scarlet said sarcastically while I was trying to not freak out. My bully and a queenka well a not so bright one too. It's funny how she would trip in front of some people and they ignore her.

One thing about seeing ghost is you'll see a lot of things. Like ghost in horror movies, I see them in real life but they are way worse than the horror movies. But some ghosts look normal while look like what I just said.

So if there is blood around, a ghost is bound to show up and right on time because a head just pop up from the desk.

"Aw scared. You should be."

I heard a snap and the ghost look at me with no eyes and smile creepily.

I then felt myself being lifted and felt pain in my cheek.

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