Ginny took her trunk and put it into their car. She went to Hermione's room again to bid her goodbye. As he went there, she saw Mrs. Weasley talking to Hermione, "Hermione, McGonagall has told me that she will send you a letter everyday telling you about what was taught in each class. OK?" Hermione nodded.

Mrs. Weasley saw Ginny by the door and said, "Go to the car. Now! We're getting late."

"I want to bid goodbye to Hermione once more." Ginny said.

"OK, but be quick." Mrs. Weasley said.

Ginny went to Hermione and asked, "Are you OK?" Hermione nodded, "Remember to send me a letter EVERYDAY. Well, I've got to go. Bye."

She left the Burrow and went to the car. After they reached platform 9 3/4, Ginny got into the train and bid Mr and Mrs. Weasley farewell. She looked for an apartment and then found one which was empty. She went inside and looked at the window. She tried to stop herself from crying, but she couldn't. Her two dear brothers - Fred and Ron - died. Harry would always be busy in his Auror work. She could've saved them ... maybe.

Draco pulled the door of the compartment open. Ginny hid her face and tried dry off the tears on her cheek with her hand. "Hey there Weasley! Has your love, Harry, abandoned you? Oh my God! I wonder if he is wandering around with another girl!" He said.

Ginny felt so much anger in her veins. "SHUT UP!!" She exclaimed as she stood, with signs of tears on her cheek, "JUST SHUT UP!!" Oh, how much she loathed him, "YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HARRY IS!! HE ISN'T LIKE YOU - WHO'D JUST ABANDON HIS FRIENDS!!"

"Weasley ... Were you crying?" Draco asked, his voice wasn't sarcastic anymore.

"No. Why would I cry?" She said as she tried to smudge off the signs of tears.

"Weasley ... I ... I'm sorry ... I didn't mean to hurt you ..." Draco said.

"Yeah, yeah! Just keep on lying!" Ginny said.

"But I didn't ..." Draco tried to say something

"Whatever!" Ginny said as she slammed the door against his face.

"Ginny?" Luna said as she entered.

"What, Luna?" Ginny said.

"I could hear you shouting. What's wrong?" Luna said.

"Oh, it's just Malfoy." Ginny said.

"So Ron and Fred were killed by an explosion in the War of Hogwarts, right?" Luna asked.

"Yeah, you're father was killed by Death-Eaters, right?" Ginny said.

"Yes, I guess we're both in the same state." Luna said.

"Firs' years 'ere." Ginny could hear Hagrid.

Ginny could also see the Thestrals now. She climbed the carriage which was carried by Thestrals with Luna. When they reached Hogwarts, she noticed that Draco was staring at her. She also looked at Draco. Their eyes locked. She quickly tore her eyes off of Draco and she got really red. She wondered if Draco noticed that She was staring at him.

As the first years were being sorted by the Sorting Hat as usual. She looked at all the tables. All of them looked so empty. She looked over at the Slytherin table. She saw Pansy drowned in a conversation with Draco, though it seemed that Draco wasn't listening. She got more and more angry.

"What's wrong, Ginny?" Marie asked. She was Ginny's classmate who Ginny never talked with much.

"It's that Parkinson girl! I hate her! Look at how she is trying to talk to Dra - Malfoy!" Ginny replied.

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