Chapter Sixteen - Tristan gets Caught

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Morning light poured through the window but I didn't move from my position in Hannah's bed. Somehow we'd ended up huddled together, my arms round her. She was still asleep and so I enjoyed this moment. Hannah was with me where she belonged.

When she began to stir my arms tightened a little, keeping her close. Her eyes fluttered open and I gave her a few moments to remember last night. Slowly, her head turned and she looked up at me.

"Good morning," I whispered into her ear and she shivered against me.

"Hey." She shifted in my arms to face me. "I don't remember falling asleep like this?"

"You're on my side of the bed. You must have come to me in your sleep," I teased.

"I don't think so. You probably pulled me towards you," she said, a jokey tone in her voice, and she moved away from me.

"Really?" I replied, cocking my head. "Round two it is then."

"Round what?" she began, but was cut off when I started tickling her again. Hannah's laughter filled my ears. I couldn't think of a better way to start the day.

"Stop!" she giggled, as my hands continued to play up and down her body.

"You said no funny business last night but you didn't say anything about this morning."

"Stop it!" she shouted again but then she took control.

She grabbed my hands and moved from under me, jumping up until she was on top of me instead, her legs straddled my middle and suddenly tickling became the last thing I wanted to do. My hand trailed up her legs, along her thigh and then rested on her hip. We stared at each other for a few seconds before I moved. My hand continued to journey up her arm to her hair. I brushed her long blonde hair back from her face and cupped her cheek in my hand. Her eyes never left mine.

She leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on my lips. That was enough to send me over the edge. My hands clutched her waist and my lips locked with hers. I nibbled on her lower lip until she opened her mouth and let me deepen our kiss. My hands slid up and down her waist and when she moaned in pleasure I felt my arousal grow, hardening underneath her. She pulled back for a moment and her eyes widened a fraction as she could feel me. Then she put her lips back to mine.

I pulled her down and we ended up tangled together, our legs twisted. She giggled as we clutched to each other and I continued to kiss her. My mouth moved from her lips to her jaw and then to her neck. She moaned my name as my kisses reached her neck. My jaw was clenched and my canines burned in my gums because I wanted to mark her so much. I wanted to bite into the flesh of her neck and let everyone know that she was mine, that we were meant to be together. But I couldn't do it, not yet.

I pulled away and we stared into each others eyes for a few seconds, both of us breathing heavy.

"I should probably go. I need to sneak out without your dad seeing me," I said.

"He's not here. He had to go to London late last night. We're alone."

"We are?"

"Yes, and you can stay if you want to?" she asked.

I didn't answer with words instead I went back to kissing her. I kissed her lips, her cheek, her neck. That desire to mark her returned but I focused on making sure she was enjoying herself. My hand brushed up and down her thighs and then slowly I moved my fingers between her legs. Her underwear was silky and left little to the imagination.

She gasped out as I moved my fingers back and forth stroking gently. But it seemed she thought I was going too gently or slowly because she grabbed my hand and guided my actions, showing me how she liked it. Once I knew what she wanted and had a rhythm going she let my hand go. I continued for a few minutes before playing with the waistband of her thong.

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