Devin Pt.2

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'Babbbeee.' He whines
'What do you want devin?'
'Just let me love you.'
'You called me stupid.' You say pouting and crossing your arms.
'Im sorry , bbyg!' He says kissing you
'Lets go get dunkin.' You say before things get tooo heated.
'Are you serious.'
'Devin we're 15.'😐
'Ju right, Ju right.' He agrees
Yall walk to dunkin donuts and when you guys get inside there is a whole football team in there😞
'Babe , i think we should go.' You say.
'Nah, i got u.' Devin says confidently
You walk online and eyes are all over you. You hang on to Devin so tight.
'Hey , ma.' One of them yells out
'Oh god. ' You say in your head.
'Yeah , babe?' Dev says to the guy
'Yo bro, your gay!'
'Ok then.' Devin says then kisses you on the lips.
You get your food and walk out and you stick up your middle finger.
'Yoo, you got a fat azz ma!' One yells out.
You let go of Devin and go up to the guy and slap him as hard as you can.
'Yoo, you got a small dick man!' You say walking away while everybody has their mouth wide open.

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