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Pen Your Pride

“Daddy but I wanna!” I whined to my daddy.

“Dear you can’t go up there with the humans I don’t want anything happening to my baby girl.” He said pinching my cheeks.

“But Xander is up there! Why can’t I just live with him? This is so unfair!” I whined and pouted. I been talking about going up to the humans for a while now but my dad is being a stick in the mud because he thinks I’m going to start trouble and expose us, which is so not true.

“Ugh, okay fine but I’m telling your brother to keep an eye on you and you’re going to be enrolled into his school.”

I smiled and jumped up and down like a girly girl.

“Thanks so much daddy you won’t regret it! I promise.”

“I better not!” he shouted at me when I was running to my room ready to pack.

I called my friend Kylie while packing.

“Hello?” she asked on the other end of the phone.

“Hey it’s me, guess what? I’m going up where the humans are and I’m going to be living with Xander!” I screamed into the phone while packing some cute shirts I bought a few days ago.

“Omg! No way! Wait a sec that means you’re not going to be down here! Omg you leaving me, I wanna go too. Don’t leave me down here! Then there will be nothing to do and all the girls are bitches and all the guys think there hot stuff which is so not true by the way. I will be bored, don’t leave! Oh and tell your brother I said hi!”

That is just like Kylie! She will protest and give you a million reasons not to do something then tell you to do this because she knows that she is not going to stop you. Ahh I will miss that big ball of fun.

We talked on the phone for hours, she talking about sparkles and me gagging at the other end of the line. Don’t get me wrong I love her like a sister but she is such a girly girl and is in love with sparkles way too much. Now Kylie is reaper, she is deaths sister. And let me tell you death is no myth and no sham either.

 He is the hottest guy in the world. Or at least in this world. I have a crush on him and he is the most wanted guy down here, like every girl wants him. The only sad part about leaving here is that I won’t see my best friend and her hot brother. But enough about Kyle get it Kyle and Kylie.

But anyway Kylie is learning how to be a reaper. Her brother is teaching her for when he doesn’t want to do it anymore.

When we were done talking on the phone I was finished packing.

You’re probably like “whaaaaa? What’s going on?” so let me introduce myself, I’m chaos and I am the devil’s daughter. And now you’re like “okay? Cool I guess, hey your dad scares the shit outa my socks.” Well yes mhm that is true, he is a powerful man.

Anyway onto me! I have a brother named Alexander. And you’re probably like “whaaaa wait, the devil had kids? Are they as bad as him?” or you’re like” OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!! Is your brother hot and single?” and if you’re like the second one then EWWWW. 

So like I was saying, my brother lives in the human world. I been wanting to live in the human world for so long but my dad has kept me down here under his care.

 Now I have to tell you that I am a chaos eater, hehe you get it because my name is chaos. Anyway but I like to start chaos and drama and I feed from it. Then my brother Alexander is a soul eater, which means that he can eat people’s souls, when he eats people souls he becomes stronger and then he sends your soul down to hell with my dad.

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