Why are we so Mad? 70

59 7 3

415: Dress with style 5ttttttttttttttttr7

That was my cat, with a flop

Jumping up onto my laptop

for the 70th time he will never stop

I gently place him back to the floor,

 he stretched and went for the door .

416:Black cat tricks

he is full of licks

a hunter with night green eyes

a killer of mice, birds and flies 

Not a ginger striped Cheshire 

like Alice's smiling philosopher.

417: Back again and seventy is sane

Straight top hat and classic line

Followed by a perfect  circle of O 

Reminds me of Hatter oh so!

Thin as a model with his hat low

To be little Alice sitting there seeing the world; would you dare? 

418:Cheshire Cat said the truth for Alice to hear.

"You must be mad, as everyone is here."

And those of us who escape to this wonderland 

Must be just as mad as the Hatter's Band

But I do not really care a hoot or hook

Because I love to hide in the words of this book.

419:Seventy is a number to model our style 

Classical lines that will stay awhile 

Beautifully designed with many colours 

Paisley patterns and bell bottoms are ours

Those pretty dresses that look like Alice's 

Puffed sleeves and lacy bodices. 

420:I hope you have followed this set of six

Because they are really such a mix

But don't ask me to  redo and fix

For this is how the mad ones think 

Like mortar without the bricks 

Loose and flowing with every trick. 

421:This one added as a revisit is being made here 

Trying to find the best of the best of the every best 

Is like trying to find Alice in the real world, dear.

Was she in England or did she go East to India? 

So today is Saturday 24th of June 2017 And our Alice died a century or so ago.

And it is now for me the afternoon, so why worry anymore.

422:Total poems in this collection is still in question

I'll try and work it out before I doubt 

That I can not count anymore beyond 124 

As I forget which one I'm up to, what part was that? 

20 or 24 come on Rose, Alice knows how to count!

And twenty is still more than ten by ten, and two is more than one.

423 So roughly worked out: just multiply 70 parts by 6 and the rough answer 

Is a total of 420 poems towards my total which means just 6,246 poems to go

Minus the two I just wrote here trying to count at 3 in the afternoon,  the day is gone.

So soon, and my washing isn't finished yet. 

The sun will be gone when the last load has found the line, I bet!

Still with beans to make for tea for my Mad Hatter friends and family .

424: What did I say, only 6,243 poems to go what an impossible chore 

Maybe I've written more, but I'm too muddled to count each and everyone

So from this moment one I'll try and be good and type each one

With a corresponding number of the count down to the greatest challenge very! 

Yes I was mad when I first thought I could complete this body of work 

So this re-visit is just a trial to bring this part to an end this last poem for today.

{Or so I may say?}

425 No oh no there is another on the way,

Sounds like a case of verbal diarrhoea display. 

Such is my luck, the Cherish Cat is smiling in my mind

Grinning his all knowing way , "yes still as mad as they say" 

Alice in Wonderland can cast a spell even today.

And I'll always be a lover of Alice and her kind.

426. Four two six, and I've happened to be near the end

As my life is telling me to stop right now and send 

this page on its way, really what can I say? 

Alice must have her time to stay alive in people's minds

Even in our world of virtual realities and such

We must allow ourselves some time to the now, just so much! 

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