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My teacher is my abusive alpha mate.

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"FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!" Everyone screamed surrounding me and the school slut.

"Bring it on slut make the first move". I said to Mandie. She took a swing and I ducked. "Better be faster than that." I taunted and punched her in the face. She fell down and hit the locker.

I was going to punch her again but someone pulled me away from her, then I felt the shocks run threw my arms where the person was grabbing me.

I turned to see the person. It was my teacher Manny. I call him that cause it bothers him. "Manny let me go and you are not supposed to be no where near me; you're in a different pack." I yelled at him

He looked at me and growled. "Hey mister don't growl at me." I said. He just growled again. He stopped at a door and pushed me in. What an ass.

"Listen here, Alex, you better respect me now that you know I'm your mate, no jokes or anything got it? "He said.

"Fine." I went and sat down back of the class since this is my next class.

The bell rang and everyone started coming in. "Good afternoon class, turn to page 200 and start problems 1 through 20." Manny said.

I opened my book and finished the problems in about 3 minutes. I spaced out and when I looked at the clock it was time to leave. "Alex stay after class I have to talk to you." Manny said.

Everyone "ooooed" as they left class. He came up to where I was sitting. He looked in my eyes.

I forgot to tell you he's only 20 and I'm 18. He leaned in, his soft pink lips getting closer to mine. He picked me up since I was sitting on top of the chair.

He pushed me against the wall. We pulled away for breath. He whispered "your mine" and started nibbling and sucking on my neck. His teeth sunk into my neck.

His lips touched mine. "Now everyone knows your mine." Manny said. Then I realized what he said. I started shaking. "Alex don't scream calm down." My wolf said

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