Chapter 13: Love and Bad Rhymes

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"THAT CAN BE ARRANGED," Senovo said, visibly amused.

"Indeed it can," Andoc agreed. "Amadi, how are you tonight? What do you need from us?"

"I am well enough," Senovo said. "The wolf is quiet now, watching things from the background. I would enjoy being of use. Or simply being used, in whatever way the two of you desire. As I said earlier, it sounds like a most agreeable distraction from my worries."

Impossibly, the words stirred a new flutter of desire in my sated, boneless body. With difficulty, I rolled onto an elbow. "I want to see you tied again," I told him. "But not fighting and straining—just quiet, submitting to the ropes while he uses you for his pleasure. Is that... all right? Would you like that?"

Senovo guided me forward with a touch to the cheek and kissed me softly. "I would like that very much."

"Told you she'd have good ideas," Andoc said from my other side, letting his fingers trail down my spine. "In fact, I've got an idea of my own that involves you on your knees in front of me, with your arms tied behind your back while you swallow my cock right down to the root."

I was still facing Senovo, so I saw the nearly imperceptible shiver that worked its way through his body, and the way his eyes darkened, the pupils blown wide. Andoc pressed his lips briefly to the juncture of my neck and shoulder before pushing upright and sliding off the mattress. After tossing the folded blanket onto the floor near the edge of the bed, he cupped a hand under Senovo's chin, guiding the priest off the bed. With an uncompromising hand on his shoulder, Andoc positioned him as promised on his knees, cushioned by the blanket.

Senovo knelt quietly as Andoc went to retrieve some rope. I shifted closer to the edge of the bed, unable to resist the temptation to reach out and stroke Senovo's face and lips. Senovo nipped at my fingertip, his amusement once again shining through the reserved mask.

"Hmm... do I need to muzzle you as well?" Andoc teased, returning with the coils of rope.

Senovo released my finger and looked up at him. "That would make it rather difficult for me to choke myself on your cock, don't you think?" he said, perfectly deadpan.

I couldn't stop a bark of surprised laughter at seeing this new side of the quiet, serious man. Andoc snorted his amusement and knelt behind him, pulling Senovo's arms behind his back and positioning them wrist-to-opposite-elbow. When he had tied them firmly in place, he reached around, pulled Senovo's head to one side, and bit down on the long, elegant line of muscle running from the priest's neck to his shoulder.

Senovo's sharp, indrawn breath of surprise stoked the low burn of desire that had been smoldering in my stomach. He held himself stiffly as Andoc worried and sucked at the skin, as if trying not to react visibly to the assault. When Andoc pulled away, there was a livid mark where his mouth had been, and Senovo sagged for a moment before dragging himself upright once more. I stared at the fresh bruise, feeling the sudden urge to fit my fingers to it and press until Senovo cried out.

Andoc grabbed the second coil of rope while Senovo breathed unsteadily through his nose. He eased Senovo back to sit on his heels, and bound him ankle to thigh on both sides to keep him that way. When Andoc stood and backed away to check his work, the priest was left kneeling with his knees spread, the ropes binding his arms behind him forcing his spine straight.

"This what you had in mind?" Andoc asked me.

I nodded appreciatively, unable to tear my gaze away. "He looks amazing. If I were you, I'd be tempted to keep him tied up like this all the time."

Senovo shivered, and Andoc chuckled. "Hear that, amadi? Our Carivel has plans to hide you away as her personal concubine."

"It sounds a much more appealing lifestyle than the one that actually awaits me back in Draebard," Senovo said, evidently having regained his composure. "I can't honestly say I'm averse to the proposal."

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