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I landed on my feet when I landed back in the past. I looked around and saw nobody.

I heard footsteps come to a grinding halt. "S-Summer? You're back!"

I turned and saw my favorite kid from the past. "Ravio!" I said, opening my arms, which he ran into without a second thought.

"I can't believe you're here again!" He exclaimed with wide-eyed disbelief. He pulled away and ran to the nearest house. "Tanvir! Kira! You won't believe this! Summer is back!" He shouted from the doorway.

I heard shouts of surprise and the pair quickly stumbled out. I gave them a small wave and they rushed over.

"What are you doing here?" Kira asked, giving me a once over as if to make sure I was actually here.

I looked to Celebi. "Well, a little birdy told me that you could use a little assistance."

"We're actually really glad you're here. Things have been getting much worse in the temple." Tanvir admitted.

I nodded. "I'll get right to helping. Hope you don't mind too much if we cut the pleasantries and I jump right on it?" My leg was bouncing in anxious anticipation and the more I helped with the past, the better the future could turn out.

"Before you do that," Tanvir started. "There's something you deserve to know... Time flows mysteriously through the temple."

My nervous leg bouncing ceased immediately. "What do you mean?"

"Your loopy thin— Styler may malfunction due to this mysterious magic in the temples. Also, due to the interference across time, your Styler may give out after a while, so don't rely on it too much, unless necessary." Kira started. "And if you spend too much time in the temple, somebody is bound to notice somebody in such an attire and raise the alarm. You'll probably be captured and punished."

At the word 'attire', I looked back down to see that I was still in Ben's clothes. I pulled Ben's shorts up higher on my waist since they were entirely too big.

"We'd like you to return to your time in perfect condition, if at all possible." Tanvir said, then he noticed my wide assortment of bruises. "Or as close to perfect as we can manage."

"I'd spend no longer than absolutely necessary in there." Kira agreed with a nod.

"We certainly didn't want to put our burden on you, seeing as you have a lot on your plate in your time already..." Tanvir started.

Ravio reached over to clutch my hand. "But we really do need your help, Summer."

I nodded. "I completely understand." I said solemnly.

Kira motioned around. "Somebody get Piplup. I don't want her going in alone."

"Then why don't we go with her?" Ravio asked, wanting to go into the temple as well.

"Because we have a job to protect the town. What if a stray steelhead walked out of that temple right now?" Kira chided.

Ravio sulked.

I walked to the temple doors and brushed my hand against the aged wooden surface. "I'm ready."

Tanvir opened the big doors just enough for me to squeeze through. "Come back safe, Kid." He softly said.

I nodded and the door slammed shut behind me, closing on the back of my heel. I almost screamed in pain, but refrained. A loud gasp of pain managed to escape me. I hope nobody heard that. Well, if they had heard it, then they most likely heard the door slam behind me.

I bent to touch the back of my foot. I recoiled almost immediately from the sharp pain. Skin had been peeling and it felt as if a chunk of  my heel had been cut off. I'm sure it was nothing bad enough to deter me from my mission. I looked at the slightly bloody hand that had touched my heel. It's not like I haven't bled before.

So I continued on my way, even though each bend of my ankle made the back of my foot throb. Hurrying through the halls, I passed Pokemon who were frantic about something. I walked over to calm them down, but it was hard with Steelheads turning the corner every so often. I was running out of hiding places.

I wish I would've asked what I was actually supposed to be doing. Going into enemy territory without a plan screamed 'Capture me, please!'

"There should be a bunch of stairs in one of these hallways. If you go up, you'll see a tablet. Destroy it and get out of here before we get caught." The cute little voice that I've heard quite a few times before said. I turned to the source and saw that Celebi had managed to follow me at a distance.

I was about to say that I had things under control, but I realized that Celebi had answered all of my nagging questions in one fell swoop. "Thank you, Celebi."

"No problem, Lady." Celebi chirped.

I'm sure I could squeeze more out of Celebi about the whole 'Lady' thing they keep talking about than I could by interrogating Scratchy or Smooth. As of yet, it's really imperative that I stay focused on the task at hand.

I followed Celebi's advice and found the staircase and almost slipped on the first step. I looked down at my bare feet to see that I had left a trail from the door where my ankle got mangled and that trail led straight to me. I should've worn shoes, but what can you expect from somebody who was going to bed when they were interrupted?

I didn't bring my backpack, so I couldn't make a makeshift bandage to stop the bleeding, and I also didn't want Ben's clothes to get bloody using it to clot the bleeding. I'm stuck with a bloody ankle until further notice, I guess.

I slowly made my way up the stairs, trying my hardest not to move my hurt ankle, which was already starting to swell. At the top, a Steelhead was already standing guard with a Drapion.

He saw me and wordlessly ordered Drapion to attack me, as if he didn't feel the need to waste words on me. He turned to a Pidgey that was on a perch beside the tablet, awaiting orders.

"Tell the others that we have an intruder." The Steelhead said.

The Pidgey flew off with impressive speed. I wouldn't have long until I was surrounded by the enemy. My loops became quicker and more desperate. The Drapion swatted my Capture Disk into the wall. Gritting my teeth, I retracted the disk and shot it back out.

The Drapion was shooting poison spikes at me. I tried to move, but I tripped because of my ankle. The bleeding wound that was just starting to close reopened with a vengeance. As I struggled to get to my feet, one of the poisonous spikes hit me in the side. I ripped it out before the poison could spread through my bloodstream, but it was already too late.

Sorry for the long pause in updating! Anyways, I'm about to be a Senior by the end of the week. So, yeah, pressure.

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