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"Alisa, give it back!" Jada yelled as she tried to run after her little sister. "Nana, Alisa won't give me back my phone!"

Jada and Alisa's grandmother sighed and put away her book. "Alisa, give Jada back her phone," she said calmly, but Alisa didn't budge.

"She's just gonna go and text her boyfriend," she stated, tucking the pink iPhone in her jeans pocket. Her grandmother sighed and muttered to herself.

"Lis better come pick these kids up."


"Alisa, give Jada back her phone," she said sternly, massaging her temple. "I'm gonna call your mother. She and Mark shouldn't be out for this long." Alisa reluctantly handed her older sister the phone, and made a face.

"Snitch," she grumbled, taking a seat on the black sofa. Her grandmother sighed and walked into the kitchen to make the girls something to eat.

"Y'all want pizza?" She asked, closing the fridge after she couldn't find anything. The two girls nodded, and she picked up her phone to call the pizza delivery guy.

"Hello. Yeah, I would like to order one pie please. How much is it?"
"9.45," he answered in a monotone like voice. The girls grandmother ruled that he didn't like his job very much. "It will be ready in about ninety minutes." Since the phone was on speaker, the girls heard everything that the pizza man was saying.

"An hour?!" Alisa exclaimed, slamming the table with two hands. "Nana, I'm hungry!"

Alisa's grandmother put her finger to her lips. "That'll be ok, sir. Thank you," she said nicely, hanging up, she put her phone down on the table and put her long black hair into a ponytail.

"What should we do for the time being, girls?" She asked, taking a seat on the couch next to Jada. Jada was smiling at her phone—possibly talking to a boy—but when she saw her grandmother sit next to her, she quickly hid her phone. Her grandmother smiled, and shook her head.

"I was the same way," she confessed, earning a blush from Jada.

"It was nothing," the young girl said looking down at the ground with a smile.

"Grandma, tell us a story!" Alisa suggested with a large grin. "I wanna hear a story." She climbed onto the couch and sat beside her older sister.

"About what?" Her grandmother asked.

"You," Jada answered. "You and Pop Pop."

"Oh, I'll try," their grandmother said with a smile. "Hmm, where do I begin?"

Alisa tapped her watch. "You have ninety minutes."

So, how did you like it? Hopefully it was good. Anyways, make sure to comment and vote. The next chapter is coming soon. Adios 👋🏾.
~Natalie 💍

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