(20) 16 yr old + new dimension + new bf = trouble

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This time we were going out but with plenty of bodyguards. Apparently I still have "Queen Situations" to handle. Whatever they are.

I had asked Jake but he didn't know himself. All he knew was that we had to meet his mum and dad at their palace. I was about to walk out the gate when Jake stopped me. "Do you want to get ambushed again?" Hs asked, a smile playing on his lips.

I raised an eyebrow, "And then how exactly are we going to get to the palace if we don't have a car?" I asked him back. He breathed a laugh, "We are in Kristara now, we have powers, and I can teleport us there." He said.

I could've smacked myself! Of course he had powers. He was after all the queen's nephew. "Fine, then. Teleport us there!" I said, waving my arms in the air like a five year old. He chuckled and closed his eyes so I did the same.

I opened them to see myself in a room with an amused looking Jake and Craig watching me. I looked around and saw that the walls were a brown colour, their was a king sized bed in the middle which looked like it were made of gold.

On the edge was sitting a middle aged women whose face was pulled in to a wide smile. She was wearing a beautiful cream dress with lots of bangles and bracelets on each arm which jangled when she moved.

She stood up and waltzed over to me. That's right, waltzed! She had me enveloped in a huge hug before I could get a word out sideways. I looked questioningly at Jake and he mouthed, 'mum' to me. I relaxed and hugged her back.

She released me and looked at me up and down, probably inspecting me. "Darling, you look gorgeous!" She squealed. I never thought I would hear my future mother in law squeal. I was confused at what she said then I realized I was still in the red dress.

"Sorry to rush dear, I'm Jake and Craig's mother but you can call me Charlotte." She said. "Soo, you happy about the marriage with Craig?" She asked me as she sat down on the bed and sat me down next to her. Craig? Didn't Craig tell her? I looked at him confused and he was looking at his mother panicked.

Jake came to the rescue and sat down next to me, his arm snaking its way around my waist. "Mum, didn't dad tell you?" He asked her. Charlotte scrunched her eyebrows in thought and said, "No, why what happened?" She said, worry clear in her voice. "Erm, an....incident happened. And, well, I'm going to marry Kristi, not Craig." He said, biting his lip, waiting for his mother's reply.

"What? Why?" She asked frantically. Why was she so hyped? Jake was her son as well. "I like someone else." Craig spoke up. Charlotte looked at him, bewildered.

"Why didn't you tell me before?" She asked him, standing up. Craig shrugged, "You wouldn't take no for an answer." He sighed. I saw the tears welling up in Charlotte's eyes. I could feel tears starting in my own but I blinked them back. Next I saw were Craig and

Charlotte hugging each other and both of them were crying.

You know you have that imaginary audience in your head which goes, "Awwww!" when the moment is right? That audience was going "Awwww!" Right now!


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