Chapter 12

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*Chapter 12 Pregnancy Days Part 2*

"Alison stop saying that and listen to me," Spencer said. He cornered me and looked down on me.

"I'm not lying. I'm not pretending. We had a-," Before I could finish. He kissed me. The same kiss that makes my knees and heart melt. I know I'm not supposed to get dragged back in but too late.

"I told you to stop for a second and listen," He said look a me. His green orbs looking at mine. Spencer Sinclair was the guy I fell in love with and I still am.

"You saw everything. I know you did. I know you saw Her kissing me. So why this. Why the sudden bring up of divorce? I'm not going to divorce you no matter how hard you push the subject. She doesn't make me happy. I hate her. I told you this. I love you," He said.

"Does it look like I'm in control of my emotions at the moment! I'm 5 months pregnant," I said angrily,

"Now your mad at me," He said chuckling. He cupped my face.

"God I love you," He laughed. Then he kissed me.

"Don't ever talk about divorce. Ever," He said. I nodded.

"Don't ever kick me out again either," I said annoyed.

"I'm sorry for kicking you out," He said. I ignored him and crawled into bed. I turned on PLL on the T.V.

"The Silent Treatment. Aliiiiii I said I'm sorry," He whinned. I ignored him.

*2:00 P.M*

Spencer kept on saying sorry and annoying me to forgive him. So Angel and I went swimming. Then I took a second shower. I put on a flowy thigh length strapless maxi dress. It was white on top then faded into a beautiful sea green. I put on flip flops. I grabbed my book and sat in the rocking chair I started reading. This book is really good. I heard the door open. I looked up and saw Spencer. I ignored him and kept on reading. He put my coffee on the table.

"Alison.... I made you coffee," He said.

"Thank you,"I said and went back to reading my book. He sighed.

"How many times am I going to have to apologize? I'm Sorry," He said sadly. He sa down at my feet looking up at me.

"Spencer You have a meeting waiting for you right now," Alex said over the intercom. Spencer didn't move.

"You have a meeting waiting for you. You should go," I said closing my book and finishing my coffee. I put the mug down on the table. I walked out the door. Before I knew it I was falling. Then Spencer grabbed me and hugged me.

"Can be any more clumsier," He laughed. I pouted. He kissed me. I glared at him.

"So am I forgiven?" he asked.

"You should go to the meeting. The guests are waiting for you.. I'm going downstairs," I said. I walked out and took the elevator downstairs. I walk into the living. I sat next to Angel.

"Your still giving Spencer the Silent Treatment," She laughed. I giggled.

"Yup., What about you," I giggled.

"Same," She laughed. We were watching Marley and Me.

"The sad your part is. Even though I'm the one giving him the silent treatment. I miss him but I'm slightly mad at Madison," I said.

"Your jealous," She giggled.

"I have an idea let's go," I said. We went downstairs to the recording room. We rushed everyone out.

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