Chapter 35

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Grey eyes sat rigid and furious staring at the words on the paper. Its been 2 weeks since the anonymous message arrived. He planned on taking her.

Marlaude planned on taking Tara.

Duncan sat back in his chair overlooking scrolls and papers of their strategized plan of attack in case Marlaude did try something.

He was anxious and his pride wounded with his rejection of marrying Erika. He wants revenge. But to what end.

Duncan fumed. He was not going to jeopardize his people because of this. Nor was he going to loose Tara. But, then he remembered their argument that started between them just moments ago.

"You are being unreasonable Duncan," Her arms crossed, a defensive pose that angered him.

He needed her open and soft. He needed her completely. And there were times when he was maddened by how much she meant to him. She was the one thing he couldn't imagine losing. And she was saying the one thing he couldn't bear hearing.

"Please don't be ugly about this, its for the sake of your people," she whispered.

"I'm being remarkably civilized, considering how violent I feel at the moment." he hissed.

"Duncan." Guilt darkened her hazel eyes, and then tears glistened.

He looked away. "Don't!"

"What you ask is ludicrous and is not a selfless act on your part, Tara. T'is a sacrifice on mine to give you up. And I am not willing to make it." he clenched his jaw.

Restless, he went to the window, trying to find the calm he needed to deal with the danger Marlaude presented.

His knuckles popped as his hands fisted.
"So what do you pretend I do, Tara? Marry her then keep you as my mistress. Because I am not letting you go,"

She sucked in a shaky breath at his words. "Are you fucking serious?"

There was a terrible stretch of silence.

"Go to hell Duncan," she cried out.

He turned in time to see her stalking out of the room, her back rigid and tense. The sight of her abandoning him triggered something desperate. "Stop."

He caught her and she struggled against him.

"Let me go!"

His eyes closed and he pressed his face against hers.
"I won't let him have you. Nor will I marry her."

"I'm so mad at you right now, Duncan." she grounded out with a sob.

"Don't fight me!" he tightened his grip on her.

She clawed at his forearms.
"Put me down," she cried.

He turned her around and pinned her to the nearby wall.
"What am I supposed to do when you tell me to marry another woman for the sake of my people and to let you go? I feel like I'm hanging on the edge of a cliff and my grip is slipping Tara, I can not loose you." he tightened his grip. His gaze settled heatidly on hers.

"So you're going to risk your people, the ones you love because of me? Why don't you get that I'm not a part of your future Duncan. I'm not written in your past, presense or future. I'm just a fluke; an accident that ended up here?" her eyes glistened with tears.

He stared down at her, he refused to hear those words.
Anger seethed through him and he gripped her chin and forced her to stare into his eyes filled with love, rage and determination.

"You are meant to be here, you were meant for me. You may have not been a part of my past but I will make damn sure you are my future. Whether we rewrite it or all hell breaks loose because of it, you are mine." he slammed his lips against hers savagely taken hers with need and the immense love he had for her.

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