A Beauty and The Beastly King: Samuel and Arabella

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Interviewer: Samuel, did you truly love Arabella when you first saw her? Or did you just want sex and got sexually frustrated:

Arabella: Ohhhhh, you just got burned!

Samuel:...Yes, I was attracted her. I might of wanted some sex....

Arabella: You twat waffle!

Samuel: What? You were mumbling in your sleep that you wanted to screw some market guy!

Arabella: I was sleeping!

Interviewer: Alright guys, now, I've realized that Samuel got injured a lot. Why is that?

Samuel: The author hates me.

Arabella: No, she doesn't!

Me: People asked me to. But you do annoy me.

Samuel: I annoy you? You created me! Should have made me less annoying.

Me: Nope. Still an asshole.

Arabella: Arent you writing this right now?

Me: Yepp.

Interviewer: Okay, Author, be nice.

Me: I do what I want.

Samuel: Bitch.

Me: Thank you.

Alrighty, so, this is just for some laughs. Comment questions you have for any of my characters for any of my books. :)

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