Chapter 55: An Explosive End

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Frenzied fists banged on a door across the hall. Whoever was attempting to get in, was likely going to break the door down due to the wild smashing of the door.

Lauryn pushed you and Molly behind her, nearly pressing you against the window overlooking the pool. The only thing you heard was your heart pounding, and the sound of a door being broken down across the hall.

"Thanks.." Lauryn whispered in response to her apartment door being ripped off it's hinges.

The three of you were dead silent. Waiting. Waiting for a madwoman to burst into the home and dice you into pâté cat food.

There was no sound other than muffled, panicked speaking being uttered in the Editor's apartment. All you could make out was "Time.. Where is.. She must.. I'm sorry.. Please.."

It was the sound of something that knew that they had absolutely nothing left to lose.

The muttering stopped completely.

Molly, Lauryn, and yourself all exchanged glances. Lauryn shifted her feet and held her blade tight. Molly made a motion to you that resembled a match, and another that resembled a backpack.

You got what she meant. You dug in your bag as quietly as you could, and found a flare.


You watched the door fall in. A cloud of dust-like powder wafted up in the air. It was like someone stepped on a tub of baby powder.

'Geez, how much of that stuff did that weirdo use?'

After the dust cleared, you saw her. She looked worse than ever.

It looked like Bristol had been through Hell and back. She was drenched in blood and sweat, cuts and bruises could be found anywhere on her body. Bristol was breathing heavily, looking at the ground.

"Not. Giving up.. Will.. Will kill (Y/n).. (Y/n) will DIE!!" The crazed woman spat, coughing wetly.

Lauryn jerked her head in your direction. Her short, poofy, brown hair uncovered her pale face and icy gaze.

You knew what to do. You lit the flare and tossed it at Bristol. It simply fell at her feet.

"This.. Is what (Y/n) does? (Y/n) does this to kill me?" She laughed manically. "(Y/n) is funny.. (Y/n) is DEAD! (Y/n) IS-" Soon her words became a shriek, as the flare had lit some powder that Lauryn had beed sprinkling earlier.

"Fire.. Doesn't stop me. You! Die!" She squawked, laughing as she slowly stepped through the flames. You watched as the flesh on he shins burned, smelling it too. Bristol advanced, eye twitching. She stared at you, her eyes shining with insanity.

"This is the land of the rising sun. Your desecration shall not be allowed. I now lay thee waste with the Sekki-" Lauryn yelled, getting Bristol's attention off you.

Bristol stared at Lauryn, confused and unamused.

"And expel thy vast defilement-"

"(Y/n), I hope you're ready.." Molly whispered to you, grabbing your shoulder.

"Ready for what, exactly?" You asked, even though you felt like you knew the answer.


You heard the sickening splatter/crunch sound of metal slicing flesh, then hitting something else metal.

You turned to see Lauryn's weapon stabbed deep into Bristol's torso. And the look of shock on Bristol's face. Blood was dripping from the side of her mouth. Her eyes were wide and glossing over. A tear fell from Bristol's left eye.

Shakily, Bristol managed to speak.
"N-no... Please.. I don't w-want to d-d-d-"

"GoooOOO!" Lauryn screamed, running to you and Molly, putting an arm around your torso, and Molly's. Smashing through the window's glass, the three of you fell, as a blast of heat exploded out of the apartment.

It felt like everything was in slow motion. You saw shards of glass reflect the sunlight. You noticed the look of peace and determination on Lauryn's face. You caught the sight of Molly's light-gold hair shining as you fell.

The wave of heat caught up to, and washed over you, making your eyes water, and your skin burn.

The world was a blur. You're ears were ringing, and you felt nothing but yourself splash into a body of water. You began to lose consciousness.

The last thing you saw was a building engulfed in flames.

At last, she's gone. For good this time. Excuse me? You don't believe me?

I feel so betrayed.

Seriously though, even if I wanted to bring Bristol back, I couldn't. There's no way she survived that. 'Cuz, ya know, she kinda exploded into little pieces.


I'm not quite done with the story yet. There are a few hanging ideas that need to be connected.

A few knots left to tie, so to speak.

I'm thinking about doing something like this: Semi-final chapter, final chapter, and an Epilogue chapter for each person involved. You'd say what happened to you afterward, Wade would say his, Molly hers, Mark his, and so on.

I don't think Bristol will get one though. She seems a bit.. All over the place. (Haa? Get it? GET IT?)

Until I catch you the in the next chapter, see ya!

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