"Joy! Come on! Get up!" Maya shouted at me as she literally pulled me out of bed.

"Okay, okay..." I moaned getting off the floor. "I'll meet you at Riley's in 10 minutes." Maya nodded and crawled out the window. After a three minute debate with myself about whether I should actually go to school or not, I decided to get ready and head to Riley's before school like I had told Maya I would. I put on a black v-neck t-shirt, dark blue jeans and a charm bracelet. When I went into the kitchen I found a note left by my aunt. It said:

Dear Joy,

I will be gone for awhile for the big reveal of my next line of clothing. I made sure to leave you some grocery money for while I'm gone.

Love, Aunt Kay

Great she was gone... AGAIN....! Aunt Kay was a very successful designer, so she was hardly ever around. I ended up skipping breakfast and I put on leather boots and a gray sweat shirt as I walked out the door. I then went straight to Riley's apartment which was just a block away.

"Why do we have to sneak out the window if were not doing anything wrong until we sneak onto the subway?" Riley asked Maya as I crawled through the window completely unnoticed.

"You think your ready to just walk by your parents?" Maya asked in response obviously knowing she wasn't.

"I think I'm ready." Riley said.

"Let me see your face as you walk by your parents." Maya said. Riley looked so terrified it was comical. I sighed and shook my head at Riley's innocence.

"Why are you making that face at us Riley?" I said playing along. That's when the two of them realized I was there for the first time.

"Because I'm sneaking-" Riley started.

"Out the window." Maya said cutting her off. They both climbed out the window as I sat on the bed, knowing what was going to come next. As I expected, they crawled back in with Cory right behind them. Maya and Riley sat next to me, and Cory gave a huge speech to Riley and Maya. They then got up to go make the world their own. When they realized I wasn't with them they came back.

"Are you coming?" Riley asked with a goofy grin on her face.

I faked a smile and nodded.

At The Subway Station

Maya and I greeted people as Riley was absolutely fascinated with everything she saw. When we got on the train we grabbed poles and started talking Riley took out lip gloss.

"Whoa, Riles you don't do lip gloss" Maya informed her.

"What I forgot to mention is that I'm completely reinventing myself, I ride the subway now, I have kiwi lips now, and I'm just as cool as you two now!" Riley said enthusiastically.

"Yeah well, lets see how cool you can be when you look at him." I said as I pointed at a cute boy who was reading a book. I admit I thought he was cute but he was probably a goody-two-shoes, I mean, he was reading a book.

When Riley turned around, the boy looked up and smiled at her and she smiled back with the weirdest grin I had ever seen. "Yeah, you're gonna need some lessons, let Maya show you." I said pointing at where Maya had been standing, but she had already started walking over there.

Maya spun around one of the poles and then said " Hi, I'm Maya. You're really cute, we should hang out sometime. You make me happy. You don't pay enough attention to me. This isn't working out, it's you not me. We can still be friends! Not really." and then walked away like nothing had happened.

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