Chapter 1

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Another book, I know... Zane is up there. Also, thx to  CHARLIESCENESGIRL for tagging me in her book.


I groan as a knife digs into my chest. They have been going at this for hours, wanting to hear me scream. I won't give them that pleasure.

They yank it out and shove it through my thigh, making me clench my jaw in pain and anger. They were making it hard to hold back my early wolf.

He wants to get out and rip them apart, but I can't let them. I bite my lip, feeling them break each of my fingers slowly. I don't get why they do this.

They torture me for hours, only to let me go and live my life normally until the next torture session. I'm shoved out of the chair and kicked in the ribs multiple times.

"Get up worthless omega."

I stand the best I can with my injured leg. Once I'm up, they punch my face, snapping my nose. I growl, making them growl in return.

"You dare growl at us omega!!! For this, you will get an extra session after your 'lovely' day at school."

I nod, limping out, holding my freshly broken nose.  As soon as I step foot outside the room, I'm shoved down the stairs. I bounce down each step, my body rattling with each hit.

When I reach the bottom, I groan, but quickly stand. If I stay down too long, they will take that opportunity to beat me.

I limp around the corner, slamming into someone. We both fall and I bite my tongue, keeping a cry of pain in. I quickly stand and offer the person I knocked down a hand.

When I see who it is, my breath catches in my throat. Kayla, the alphas daughter, has grabbed my hand. My heart leaps, but I quickly bow my head in submission.

"I'm so sorry alpha about my carelessness. You shall do what you must to me."

I keep my head bowed, too afraid to look up. When a light hand touches my shoulder, I jump.

"I'm not going to harm you. It was my fault too, so your not the only one to blame."

"Alpha, I cannot let you blame yourself. It is my fault that I wasn't paying attention and I ran into you. I accept any punishment you give me."

She sighs, before lightly grabbing my scruffy and greasy chin. She makes me look up at her, but I keep my eyes from staring directly into hers.

"My punishment is for you to go to the pack doctor. Those wounds won't heal by themselves and that nose will heal wrong. Now go."

I quickly nod before taking off to the doctors room. I bow at the doctor before explaining my situation.

It took a total of 3 hours to fully put together my wounds. She had to stitch the knife wounds and fix my broken fingers and broken nose.

I thank her before quickly rushing to my room. I throw on my nicest clothes, which consist of black jeans, black combat boots, a black leather jacket and a light gray shirt.

The jeans had holes in them from the years of use, along with the other articles of clothing. I quickly hobble down the stairs, gladly greeting the quietness of the house.

I know that Aria has left for school, since her scent is faint. She has to walk, like me, because she is also an omega. I protect her from the beatings and starvation.

I try to run the best I can, while also not bursting my stitches. I soon see her amazing waves of bright red hair. I'm so glad everything about her matches her personality. Bright and happy.

I know she hears me because she turns around. Her eyes light up until she sees the cast on my nose and my limp.

"Zane, what happened?! What did they do to you?"

I look down, not wanting to answer her. I know if I do, she will try to take my place. But I wanted to protect her, so I didn't say anything.

She lets out a sigh, knowing not to push it.

"Get over here ya big oaf. I'll help you to school."

I nod and wrap my arm around her. It must look weird, a tall lanky guy with a girl who was half his height. The only thing that isn't different is that we are both omega born.

Omegas aren't seen very often, and I know why. Most packs are embarrassed of having an omega in their pack, locking them away. Or so that's what I believed.

As soon as we enter the school, we are pushed down by dominant wolves. I quickly place myself over Aria, keeping her from any harm these wolves may do.

"Aria, when I tell you to run, you run. Go all the way back home and hide in your safe place."

I feel her nod. When the first foot connects with my side, I whisper for her to run. She takes off and I take a boot to the face.

"Little omega, protecting your lover? You'll surely get it when we get home. For now, you can lick the dirt off our shoes."

As soon as he says that, his boot is placed on my face. I try to yell, but it feels like my face is being crushed. I know he's using his full weight on my head.

As soon as I hear a snap, I stop fighting. My body goes limp and I feel sticky blood come from the back of my head.

Muffled yelling fills my ears, and suddenly, the boot is gone. I try my best to look up at my savior, only to see Alpha Kayla. She stands over me, fury on her face.

But she isn't looking at me. She's looking at the other wolves, who are trembling on the spot. I try to raise my head and back away, not wanting any more trouble, but she lays a hand on my chest.

I tremble, feeling immense pain from my head and fear, created by the angry eyes of the other wolves. My eyes blur in and out.

Fantastic day Zane. If you let me take control, this wouldn't have happened.

I almost snarl at my wolfs sarcastic comment. I already know my skull is broken. My nose and jaw are also broken. The rest of me is just numb.

The salt of tears falls into my open jaw. I already know who it is.

"Zane. I don't know if you can hear me, but..."

I drift into darkness, before hearing her words.

Chapter 1, COMPLETE.

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