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It had been two days since we had gone bowling. Today was the day that Michael and Callie had decided to go out on a date. She was really excited and kept asking me what she should wear. I told her to be simple and not to worry, but that just made her even more worried.

I left for their apartment with Callie in the passenger's seat wearing a cute crop top with denim skinny jeans, something she'd finally picked out after a while.

Callie told me she didn't know where they were going, that Michael told her he wanted it to be a surprise for her. I wondered if Michael had told Calum or Ashton or Luke where they were going. It wasn't that I wanted to know where they were going, but I wanted to make sure it was some place that Callie would be okay with. She was picky on certain things sometimes.

We arrived at their apartment, and Michael walked out of the door towards Callie. He smiled at her and opened the door to his car for her.

"I'll see you later," Callie smiled at me. I walked over to Michael and asked him where they were going. It was one of Callie's favorite restaurants. I had no idea how he knew that.

I said goodbye to both of them before walking into the apartment and being greeted by Luke.

"Where's Calum?" I asked him, thinking he might've been still sleeping. Luke confirmed my assumption, and I made my way back to his bedroom.

When I opened his door, I saw him lying in his bed, sleeping. He was so cute when he slept. I sat down on the bed beside him and smiled as I watched him sleep. I slowly woke him up. He groaned at first, but he saw that I was the one waking him, and he smiled.

"Hey, babe.. How are you?" He looked up at me, beginning to sit up from his supine position.

"I'm good. Callie just left with Michael a few minutes ago, so.. Here I am," I laughed, still watching Calum.

"Okay. I really hope they're going to get together. I knew they will," he nodded in certainty.

"Well.." I paused, not sure if Callie would be okay with me telling Calum of what she had told me.

"What about it? Did Callie tell you otherwise?" He seemed confused.

"She said that she really likes Michael, but from hanging out with Luke some.. Well, she sort of likes Luke too."

"Oh my god, no," Calum groaned, "she needs to like one or the other. If she likes both, that's going to turn out terrible."

"She told me that she can't help her feelings. I just didn't interfere with it after she said that.."

"Whatever happens, happens, okay? We'll be the same either way, right?"

"What if it doesn't work out with her and Michael, and she is mad at me for being with you. Then it'll change between us."

"It won't change much, though, hopefully. So let's not worry about it Lilli. We'll be fine for a while. If she changes her mind for some reason and wants to be with Luke, let her change her mind. If Luke doesn't want to be with her, I don't know what we'll do. She seemed to flirt the other day with Michael, so I don't think we should worry about anything. It'll be fine, either way."

"I'm just worried that she'll get hurt because she likes both of them. I don't know what to think," I sighed.

"Don't worry about Callie or Michael or Luke right now. How about we go out to the living room and watch a movie, maybe, while cuddling?"

"I'd like that," I smiled, nodding. Calum got up off the bed and walked towards his bedroom door while I trotted along behind him.

We both made our way out to the living room. Calum asked me what movie I wanted to watch, and once we settled on a movie, Calum inserted it into the DVD player and walked towards the kitchen to make popcorn.

I sat on the couch watching the previews while Calum was making popcorn. I could hear it popping in the microwave, and I smiled as I thought about just days before when Calum had met my family, and we watched a movie together. All of my family was sitting in the living room, watching the movie happily. I loved times with my family like those.

I listened for the microwave to ding, and when it did, I could hear Calum pop open the door and grab the popcorn bag. He put another in and must have waited for it while I was still in the living room.

The second bag of popcorn was done, so he walked back into the living room and turned the kitchen light off. He handed me a bag of popcorn after he opened it.

"I don't want you to burn you fingers while opening it. I know that it hurts," he told me. I thought it was cute how he was looking out for me like that.

"So we've been together for almost a week, huh?" I looked at him as he sat down on the couch beside me.

"Almost, yeah," he smiled, "I don't see how it has been a week already. I guess time does fly when you're having fun.."

"I guess so too," I smiled. He put his arm around me after reclining the couch and putting a blanket over our two bodies.

I stuck my hand into the bag of popcorn as the movie started. I put a piece of popcorn into my mouth, and I threw one towards Calum for him to catch. He caught it perfectly in his mouth before kissing my cheek.

"I love you, Lilliana Winter Harris," he whispered into my ear, making me smile from ear to ear.

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