1.) B.I- In the studio

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From~ My Hanbinne❣❤️😍😘😍
Can you come by the practice room tonight????

To~My Hanbinne ❣❤️😍😘😍

From~My Hanbinne ❣❤️😍😘😍
Don't ask questions just come. Please..😓

To~ My Hanbinne ❣❤️😍😘😍
From~ y/n
Okay...don't use the sad face on me again I think I'm about to cry when you use that on me.🙁😢..what time tonight?

From~ My Hanbinne ❣❤️😍😘😍
Yesssss! 12:30a.m

To~My Hanbinne ❣❤️😍😘😍
Okay..let me get some sleep so I'll come 12:30 sharp

From~My Hanbinne ❣❤️😍😘😍
Okay..sleep well..gotta go bye!

To~ My Hanbinne ❣❤️😍😘😍

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'What does this boy have planned? You thought to yourself as you were getting in your car to go to the practice room to see B.I


"Y/N~ah!!!!" Junhoe screamed as you came to the dorm room door

"Shhh you dont want to wake up the other members!" Bobby said as he was about to throw the tv remote at Junhoe's head

"B.I is waiting for you in his room... which by the way is not very clean right now paper is probably everywhere." Bobby said in his whisper tone

"Ok" you said and winked then walked to B.I's room

A couple of seconds later you were finally at his door

Knock, knock

'Come in its open'

"Oppa"you said in your whisper tone
"You know you can stop whispering your in my room your safe from them"Hanbin said making you chuckle. "What did you wanna see me about?" You asked. "I missed you" he said making you a bit curious because he never said anything like that or sounded like that. "Oppa what's wrong ?" (Haha I asked what's wrong imma sing the song😊😊)"I told you I missed you" "but that can't possibly be the reason... Hanbin tell me what's the real reason" " Follow me" he said making you worry.

"Where are you taking me" you asked. "The studio" he said
------Arrived in the studio------
"I want you to listen to this song I wrote, tell me what you think about it...you can sit down." "Okay" you said

He started to play the song, it sounded so sweet, and unlike a song for iKON to sing, you were so flattered by the way that they sung it. Until you noticed who it was about. B.I said this in the song : My first love I'll never forget her, she mean everything to me, she beautiful, smart, wise, cute, everything every guy would of wanted, if they were lucky. My little star thats what you can call her I wish upon her it come true, and that wish is...to be with her.

' He was talking about me' you said to yourself while smiling and looking down at the ground

Then the song stopped,, you thought it must have ended or something

"So how did you like it" B.I asked
"I loved it" you said getting up to hug him "Im glad you did because I wrote it because I was thinking about you, my little star" "thank you"

You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him, while he's grabbing your waist to pull you closer.

You pulled away from the kiss to ask him something. " Is this room sound proof" "Yeah why?" B.I said "I wanna do something but I'm pretty sure it'll be both of our first times" " You mean the naughty naughty...because if that's what you mean, then I wanna do it" he said with a smirk " and yes it is soundproof "good then" you said and pulled him in for another kiss.

B.I told you to jump and wrap your legs around his waist. Once you did what you were told to do he layed you down on the couch gently and kept kissing you passionately. But what you two didnt know was that Bobby and Junhoe was there and saw, B.I on top of you, and kissing you. And you pulling on B.I's shirt. Then secretly, and quietly they shut the door, and started laughing like 5 year olds.

Since it was both you and B.I's first time you both told each other that you wanted to skip the foreplay, and just get right to the point.

B.I toke off your shirt and pants, leaving you in your bra and underwear. While you toke off his shirt and unbuckeled his pants, so he could take them off. He kissed you one last time before taking off your bra, his underwear and your underwear.

"Ready" B.I asked you before even putting himself inside of you. You replied with a simple nod.

He pushes inside of you making you scream and him groan. He thrust in you slowly, with you moaning at every move he makes. Minutes passed and pain tured into pleasure.

"(Y\N)~ah" B.I moaned
"B.I faster" with that he started trusting faster and harder, making you both moan, and scream from all the pleasure.

You felt something weird in your stomach.

"Oppa i-i think i-im cuming!!!" You yelled
"M-me too" he said

A couple of seconds later you came, and he came after you, but pulled out before he did and pumped himself twice before cumming all over your stomach.

You both kissed each other one last time before putting one your clothes and going back out of the studio. When you two walked out you saw tge whole group standing in front of both of you, some giggling and some shocked.

You whispered to B.I "I thought the studio was soundproof"
"It is" said B.I

"We all woke up because of a giggling Bobby and Junhoe" said Jinhwan
"Anyways... how does it feel" said a very curious Chanwoo
"You dont need to know, keep your innocence" said B.I
"But hyung your only two older than me, and bearly two years because you were born in late October"
"So what I'm still your hyung and your leader" B.I said back to the curious and annyoing Chanwoo
"We should all go to bed it's late, and this annoying thing should mind his own business" said the annoyed Donghyuk.

"Goodnight" everyone yelled
"This was fun, we should do this way more often" B.I said hugging you from the back.
"We will trust me"you said
"I love you" B.I said putting his chin on the crook of your neck
"I love you too" you said
I'm finally finished😁😁
Hope you liked it❤❤


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