Positive things

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I realize that I've been writing  a lot of negative things and not much about positive things. So here is some (outdated) positive things that have happened to me.

So my girlfriend walked me school from to my place awhile ago. I'm not talking about out "oh we live near each other let me walk you." No I'm talking 'bout an hour walk to my place. That's has to be the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. That's how you know someone love you because my big brother told me that even he wouldn't have done that for any girl and his a hoe. So that's saying something.
Not only did she walk me home , but I met her mom that day too. Oh sweet freckled Jesus was I nervous. It went well, I think.

So me and my girlfriend  were spooning in gym because we were watching a movie. I'm little spoon and she is big spoon. So she slowly put her arm under my boobs and grabs my hand. I turn my head to face her and I say "You smooth mother fucker" in a low whisper (bc I didn't want to get in trouble for talking and spooning) and she says " I know, no one can reject me." "Little too late for that, don't you think." We continue to watch the movie and one of our friends, who was laying down, sit up and just give us a what the fuck are y'all doing look.
This one was the most recent thing that happened to me.

Those were positive things that happen to me. Peace out - WolfsxAngels

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