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Light was streaming in from behind my curtains, too bright to bear as my half parted eyelids closed again. A muffled groan sounded into the pillow as I shifted, legs kicking at the crumpled bedsheets. The hazy shroud of sleep lingered and I curled up, tightly closing my eyes against the light.

A cacophony of clatters rose up from downstairs, followed by Toby and Amanda's voices. the words themselves were indistinguishable, but the rumble of noise swept away the remaining ebbs of sleep.

'Time to face the day I guess.'

Resting upon my elbow, I scrabbled around underneath my bed for wherever the hell my alarm clock was. My hand emerged victorious after fumbling through who knows what, displaying a clock that screamed 11:30 in flashing colours, reminding me why I'd thrown the malfunctioning thing under my bed in the first place.

Having lurched my sleep ridden limbs out of bed and thrown on the nearest hoodie, I had sat upon my mattress and was contemplating if mince pies would constitute as breakfast in Amanda's eyes when my door burst open.

"Taylor, come help!" Little tan hands interlinked with my vein streaked ones, attempting to drag me up from my hunched position. I stared blankly across at Toby, who was bouncing from one foot to another in agitation.

"Help you with what Tobes?" I tried to add a light hearted inflection to the rasp, but only a harsh emptiness followed.

"The Build A Bears are going on an adventure in the Millennium Falcon to save Arendelle from the Darleks," he said with the tiniest sigh, as if it was oh-so obvious.

"You do realise the Build A Bears are too big to fit right? Wait- did you just say Darleks? As in my new figurines? They're actual collectors items Toby, you have to be careful with them."

Toby gazed up at me with a defiant pout. "What, I haven't broken them or anything!"

I placed a hand upon his shoulder, his frown relaxing. As much as I disliked my original plan for spending the day working my way through my Radiohead collection being interrupted, the risk of my figurines getting damaged if Toby was left to his own devices was a good enough reason to venture outside of my room. Also that cheeky little grin of Toby's actually made things seem a bit brighter. "Alright then. Let's go save Arendelle."


Following after the patter of footsteps that dashed downstairs, I stifled a yawn and swallowed back the dry lump in my throat.

"You go get everything set up Toby, I'm gonna grab a drink and snack."

I entered the kitchen at almost the precise moment that the cat flap swung open, and Gizmo scrambled in. He immediately made for me, slinking around my ankles, his cool fur bristling against my skin.

"Morning to you too," I murmured, before rummaging around in the cupboards.

Although Amanda's melodic humming and the splashes of water that issued from the sink continued, I felt her gaze upon me and abandoned the search for food. Grabbing a glass, I made my way over to her.

"Had a good lie in?" There was no implicit disapproval or sarcasm to the question- Amanda genuinely meant it, though I pretended not to notice how she continued to study me out of the corner of her eye as I filled up the glass.

"Uh, yeah, thanks," I gulped down the water, watching to make sure Amanda was focused upon washing the lettuce that occupied the basin, before sneaking towards the cupboard with the mince pies and other Christmas foods.

"No, mince pies are not a proper breakfast Taylor. But we won't be having lunch until late, so have them as a snack."

"Okay. Guessing we're having salad for lunch then?"

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