Chapter 15: Starry Night

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He couldn't sleep that night, the thought of what went on int that sea creature when Meathil was gone frightened him. He wanted to know, he wanted to know it all. Eglanor laid in his bed, waiting for some type of answer to come to him, but unfortunately nothing did. How could he ask her about what happened, when she looked so horrified afterwards.
Meathil was strong, but everyone had something that makes them uneasy, and if they don't then they're liars. His bed was warm, but too big, it was too big of a bed. His room was too big, even though it was a ship the rooms were ginormous. As to be expected of the queens personal ship he supposed, one must have luxury if they are to be traveling. When he was younger the biggest bed he had ever slept in was one where he wasn't about to fall off the edges. It was lonely, the dark room he slept in was lonely and had no one to fill it with light.

The only thing that made the room like home was the light of the moon shining through the window. The moonlight reminded him of the times when he and Meathil would sneak out after curfew and go to the Raai valley. They would lay down in the florescent flowers and count the stars, those were peaceful days. He couldn't take the silence anymore.

Eglanor threw off his sheets and slipped on a shirt. He walked out of the cabin door, opening and closing it ever so gently as not to wake anyone. He needed to think, but not in a dark room, out beneath the stars. He walked on the wooden floorboards, walking to the stairs that would lead to the main deck. His feet climbed the stairs and it made his thighs ache with pain. He was sore from attempting to jump at the creature like Meathil did, instead he just went face first into the boarder. It hurt like hell, but soon he would heal thanks to a tonic Bellinil had. He reached the deck and breathed in a huge gulp of fresh air. He loved the sea, it had life to it. The waves danced like angels, he loved to dance. His mother taught him how to, then he taught Meathil. After training he would give her lessons and she enjoyed them. He turned and moved closer to the railing, but he stopped at the sight of someone.

Meathil stood in her nightgown, with a silk long robe around her. The girls violet eyes were glistening in the moonlight, and her auburn hair shimmered like copper. Her warm skin glowed and filled with thought. She starred off into the distance, looking at the stars. His heart started to beat harder and harder, she looked gorgeous. His captain, his. He wondered if going over to her would be a bad idea, but his body was moving before he could answer the question. Before he even got next to her, she spoke with the most beautiful, soft voice.

"You can't sleep either, seems to be pretty popular now days." He hadn't heard her have this much sweetness, suppleness in her voice for ten years. Ten years, and she had never been this calm and soft. He moved next to her and gripped the golden railing in front of him.

"Seems so," he answered. Looking at her face, she seemed like a completely different person. Something, something changed her in there, this was her, but a different her. This was the Meathil that he knew as a child, the one everyone tried to hide, the one that got sealed away.

"Nor, what are we going to do?"


"I don't know what to do, I...I don't know. There is so much going on. The Ostwyn queen, the Shadowmount queen, the fighting. What... what if sending me on this trip, was a mistake," Methil's voice cracked, yet she didn't change the expression on her face.

"It wasn't."

"How do you know that?"

"Because I know you," he said quickly but softly. It was almost like a whisper, but she'd heard it. Her head turned to him, and for once, he saw her true self. She was wise, brave, courageous, domineering; But, underneath it all, stood a girl who loved flowers, who was soft, caring, kind. A girl who enjoyed playing with her hair, and reading books. A girl who liked to play in the valley and loved music and dancing. Her real self, the self that only he knew. A girl who was beautiful inside and out.

"You are the most important person to me Meathil. You are so persistent and so brave. You are wise and beautiful, you sine like the stars above our head. You could be a god if you wanted, and you can do it, you can do anything. The Meathil I know, the one I truly know, is the woman who makes me feel alive every day." Tears welled up in her eyes. She hugged him, softly, and gently. He wrapped his arms around her body, holding her, comforting her. She cried and sobbed into him. The world was perfect, she was perfect. He looked down at her and saw she was smiling.

"Thank you Eglanor. Thank you," her voice quivered. She hurried her face into his shirt and he rested his head against her's. The stars above them shined brightly, and the moon lit up the world. "Will you be with me, forever. Never leave me, please. I, want you to... to stay with me forever." She looked at him with her big beautiful violet eyes, the eyes he'd always known. But, for some reason, looking at them now made him want her. He wanted her to be his, forever. She was his... What exactly were they? He looked at her, and smiled.

"Forever, I promise. Through all centuries, I will always, be here."

The silence hit them, the water rippled. The world around them was silent. They heard the wind blow, the waved of the ocean, their breathing. They heard it all, together. He looked at her and his heart, it hurt, it ached. His gut had butterflies, and his body warmed. They stood together, hugging, in the silence of the starry night. She was beautiful, her heart, her body, everything. Meathil radiated as a goddess, she hugged him and he found himself crying now too.

"Eglanor." She moved her hand to his, cooling his face. She smiled and the softness in her eyes, he couldn't. He just, he. Softly he took both of his hands and placed them on her cheeks. He lowered his head, and placed his lips on hers. She didn't push him back, but embraced him and kissed him back. Her arms wrapped around him and his hands stroked her cheek. The kiss was soft and sweet, it made his cheeks hot and his body calmed. Her lips were so gentle and soft, it made his heart skip a beat. He felt soothed, the world around them froze, as if it was only them. Eglanor kissed her, kissed Meathil and she kissed back. Loving her, loving him, loving each other. They break away from the kiss and Meathil cuddled up to his chest. He could barely stand on his feet, it was enchanting. He kissed... kissed his captain, kissed Meathil. But, when he looked at her, she smiled and caressed his cheek.

"Forever." He looked at the stars and felt her hand wrap around his.


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