L O S T {Percy Jackson and the Avengers Cross-Over}

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okay, so i might be discontinuing this story?

the chapters suck and i could do a lot better now, i believe, but i lack the time and often the motivation to rewrite it.

i may try come summer, but for now this story will be on hold. i apologize if this is a disappointment to anyone, but fear not! summer is not too far away, though to us in school it seems countless ages, yes?

thank you for supporting me and this story, and please keep an eye out! i may suddenly get the motivation to continue - inspiration is an odd and fickle spark, and strikes at the unlikeliest {and often most inconvenient} times. ^^

EDIT - i'm going to try rewriting it. i'm not impressed with my plot and plan on changing it - drastically. thoughts?

disclaimer - i do not own at the top of the page. it belongs to its rightful owner - i just liked it and wanted to use it here. i also do not own Percy Jackson, though i would hope this would be obvious.

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