Thorn's Spell

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After they defeated Loki, he returned to Asgard. The Avengers continued to fight evil and save the world. Pepper left Tony, after he decided that what was best for him was the Avengers, and protecting other people. But Loki has returned, with another villain. Thorn, Princess of Azgard, is intent on destroying the Avengers. Forever.

Thor let out an agonised scream with shook the walls. Loki froze, ceasing to finish off Captain America for good, "Brother?" He whispered to himself. Thorn laughed loudly, the sound cold and high, before she pointed her sceptre at Thor once again. "No!" Loki cried, as Thorn raised the sceptre over her head. Only one thought raced around his head. Not my brother. Not his brother, who had stood in front of him every time their father had yelled at him or hit him. Not his brother, who had stood by his side, always, even when he didn't deserve his help. Not his brother, who Loki loved more then anything in the world.

Loki gripped his sceptre, and pointed it at Thorn, causing a burst of bright shot out the end and slammed into her chest. She collapsed to the ground with a gasp, her eyes flickering closed and her body falling limp into the dirty ground of the warehouse. Loki ran forwards, throwing himself onto his knees before Thor, who was pushing himself up off the floor. "Brother I-" Loki began, his voice already filled with one thousand apologies. Thor cut him off, his voice cracked as he wiped blood from his lip, "No time now, Loki. Take Tony to Stark Towers, now." Loki thought about refusing to leave Thor's side, but there was a certain urgency in Thor's voice that made him nod and find Tony. Tony, who Thorn had dealt with first, was sprawled on the floor. His helmet was somewhere on the other side of the room and his bruised and cut face rested on the ground. His head was surrounded by a large pool of scarlet blood and a few sparks flickered in his broken suit every few seconds. He was out cold.

Loki regretfully picked Tony up in his arms, and using his magic, teleported into Stark Towers. "So much for Stark's high security system." He muttered to himself, dumping Tony in the first bedroom he saw.

Back at the warehouse, the remaining Avengers were still in combat with Thorn. A bead of sweat rolled down her face as she realised, they were too powerful. Raising her sceptre into the air she cried, "Too much power, take it away!" The sceptre glowed fiercely as the Avengers began to shrink in their clothes, leaving five piles behind.

Loki burst into the warehouse, his sceptre out in front of him and his cape billowing behind him He stopped in his tracks as he was confronted by a silent still room, with five piles of clothes dotted around it. "Thor?" Loki called uncertainly, peering around the dimly lit room. He was about to start searching the surrounding streets when he heard a wailing sound. It was coming from the nearest pile of clothes. Loki walked forwards, cautiously stretching out a hand, realising that the pile of clothes belonged to...Captain America?

He gingerly lifted the suit and stepped back as he saw, not a dangerous creature, but a little kid! The kid was about 5-ish, judging his size which was small, with light fair hair, and piercing blue eyes. Loki knew those eyes all too well. After all. It's not easy to forget the eyes of the hero you were trying to destroy almost just an hour ago. "C-Captain America?" Loki stammered.
"My name is Steve."
"Oh Asgard help me now," He muttered under his breath.


Shortly after discovering that not just one but all the Avengers had been somehow changed into infants, between the ages of two to five, he had teleported them all to Stark Towers. Loki ran his hand through his hair as he watched the once powerful, defiant and serious heroes of the planet, toddle around, giggling and whining. Loki then froze as he heard a groan sound from the room next door.

Loki cautiously pushed the door open to see Tony Stark, the Invincible Iron Man staring at him with wide eyes.
"You!" He stated, starting to raise his voice.
"Oh, shut up, Stark. Something big has happened and you're going to be grateful that I've decided to help you." Loki said bluntly.
Tony's expression changed to shock, and then irritation. Perhaps no one had ever sassed him before. "I'm going to be kind for you now, Loki, brother of Thor, or whoever you are. I'm going to give you ten seconds to get out of my mansion, or I will put on my suit and I will destroy you." Tony glared at him, somehow managing to look somehow intimidating despite the condition he was in. His usually perfect hair stuck up in tufts and he had two long scratches which ran down his right cheek. One of his eyes was surrounding by a huge black ring and every time he moved he winced. Loki wouldn't have been surprised to find that he had broken a rib.

"Bad news about that," Loki replied, not looking away despite Tony's glare, "Your suit's destroyed." At this news, Tony's brown eyes widened and his mouth opened a little, making him look more like a lost puppy them a super hero. His expression was shocked and incredibly upset. "My suit..." He mumbled, "My favourite suit..." Tony stared at the ground for a few moments before suddenly looking back up. "The others!" He yelped before composing himself. His eyes burned into Loki's with such ferocity that Loki took a step back, "What did you do with the others?" Tony growled.

Loki looked behind him, to the hallway where he could see the tiny avengers playing. "I didn't do anything," he replied to the angry Iron Man, "I was too busy saving your life and bringing you back here." Loki explained.
"Like I believe you." Tony retorted, taking a step forward and trying not to wince.
"Well, start believing me!" Loki said, raising his voice, "Because we've got bigger problems!"
"Right now," Tony snarled, looking at Loki as if he was a piece of dog crap on his shoe, "My biggest problem is you being in my tower!" Loki didn't reply, he just strode into the hallway and picked up the tiny Steve. He returned to stand in front of Tony, only a matter of inches between them. "This." Loki explained, gesturing to the baby in his arms, "Is our biggest problem."

"Why the hell did you bring an ugly little kid into my mansion?" Tony said, wrinkling his nose. There was something weirdly familiar about this baby, but Loki could take it somewhere else. "It's Steve." Loki said, sounding completely serious, "And out in your hallway, is Clint, Natasha, Bruce and..." Loki swallowed, "And my brother. All around the same age as Captain here." Tony looked at the baby Steve, then at Loki (whose expression hadn't changed), before he burst into slightly painful looking laughter.
"Haha, very funny guys." He said after a while, his voice dripping with sarcasm, "You guys are great practical jokers but now you can get your asses out here and take these babies back to where they came from!"
Everywhere remained silent. A seed of doubt erupted inside Tony's mind. "You mean... All my friends... My colleagues... Are babies?"
Loki nodded without saying anything.
"And I'm... Stuck with you... Trying to cure them?"
"Well," Loki started coolly, "You don't seem to want my help, Stark. Have fun telling Nicholas Fury this hilarious tale." Loki turned to leave guiltily, he knew his brother would've wanted him to stay and help cure him and the the others.
"Wait." Came Tony's voice. "I can't do this on my own... So..." Tony struggled to find the right words. "Allies?"
Loki swallowed sickly and nodded. His brother had always been there for him, and here was his chance to pay him back. But still... Must he get stuck with Stark? For Asgard's sake, he could have been teamed with someone he actually liked. Or actually respected.

Okay, maybe that was a slight lie, Loki did respect Tony. The way that he had sacrificed himself for the others when Loki had opened the portal, thinking he would die. The way that he was smart enough to come up with a hundred designs for a super suit at the blink of an eye. The way that he had an attitude and one hell of an issue with manners, but deep down, would always try to do the right thing. But that was besides the point, the man was an utter asshole.

Tony offered a hand, looking mildly disgusted and very reluctant. Loki took it. Tony's hand was rough, covered in burns and scars from his fights and his engineering. They both shook twice and then let go. Tony made a point of wiping his hands on his trousers afterwards which made Loki grit his teeth. "I don't have a disease you know Stark." Loki growled with a glare.
"I didn't know that, thanks for the fun fact." Tony replied with a sarcastic smile.

They were both interrupted by a loud wailing from across the hall. They both exchanged a worried look and then said Tony cried in utter panic, "The babies!" Loki started to rush across the hall, but Tony pushed Loki out the way in his haste to see his friends. His hopes were killed when he wasn't greeted by the usual faces of The Avengers, but instead, five mindless toddlers. Well, he didn't know what he'd expected. He felt anger surge through his body, "Oh shut it will you!" He snapped at Steve, who had been noisily crying. Steve, fell silent for a few seconds, taking this in, before bawling even louder, deciding to scream his throat raw.
"Stark!" Loki shouted, stepping through the door frame, "What have you done now?!" He asked annoyed.
"Don't look at me." Tony muttered, narrowing his eyes at Steve. "Look at the one who's screaming his head off for no reason!"
Loki looked at Steve and his expression softened. He picked him up and gently rocked him in his arms. Steve stopped crying and settled down slightly.
"You're heartless Tony Stark." Loki told him.
Tony shrugged and turned his back on him. Loki sighed. "We're suppose to be a team now, remember?"
"I'll never be in a team with you."

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