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"What are you talking about Harry?"

"I am saying, Niall James Horan will you do me the immense honor in marrying me?"

Static, is all I could hear. Like someone changed the channel in my head, I stared at Harry who stared at me with hoped filling in his eyes. Was this the man I wanted to spend forever with? Did I want to wake up in the morning to his face, and listen to his laugh? Would he make me the happiest person on earth?



It wasn't like I was Niall's mother, and he was required to call and text me but we're in the same time zone, so I know the fact that he isn't answer me is either he is having sex with my father, which I honestly can't stomach or he's asleep, but it's not even midnight yet.

"You have nothing to worry about, Niall is fine" Liam says, from my bed. I look over at him, shirtless and laid out. I could be cuddled up with him if I wasn't so worried about Niall. My dad is so impulsive and Niall is so naïve, and I am just worried something bad is going to happen and Niall is going to disappear, like he always does but this time he isn't close to home, and I can't swoop in and save him.

"He isn't answering my texts my calls, neither is my dad" I say, before climbing into bed. Liam wraps his arms around my waist snuggling his face into my side.

"You're over reacting" he mumbles, into my shirt.

"You're under reacting, Niall and my father's relationship is like a ticking time bomb in the few months they've been together Niall has run away at least 4 times! They're always on the rocks"

"Are you trying to say you don't want them together"

"Hell no, they love each other...... I see the way Niall looks at my dad, and vice versa they look at each other, like there is no one else in the room, like there is nowhere in the world they'd rather be and that makes me so happy but...... I can't lose Niall"

"You're not going to lose him babe" Liam says, pulling away looking up at me. "Niall loves you and he loves your dad, he loves Adlai, Niall loves everyone...." Liam whispers, he reaches up wiping the tears from my face. "I love you" Liam says, I stare down at him.

"I love you too Liam" I say, he pulls me into a kiss. Wrapping his arms around my waist he attempts to pull me onto him so I am straddling him. Then there is a knock on the door that pulls me away, I climb off of Liam. "Come in"

Adlai walks in, her hair still in the two braids I did earlier. She walks across the room climbing into bed with us, lying down in the middle.

"I can't sleep" she says.

"Us either" Liam says.

"What were you guys doing?" she asks.

"Just talking" Liam smirks, and I glare at him. She nods before cuddling up to my side. I lie down and reach across at Liam who holds my hand.

By the morning, still no calls from my father or Niall. None, I didn't even know when they were supposed to arrive today, and Niall hates missing school and yet here I was walking around alone, like a loner. By the end of the day I was furious, they better be dead because if they weren't I was going to kill them. I decide to get ice cream for Adlai and I, and we eat ice cream as a snack when I got home.

"Still no word from your papa?" Millie asks, as I walk into the kitchen holding two empty bowls.

"No, has he called you?"

"No" she says, I sigh setting the bowls down in the sink. I hear the front door open and close.

"We're home!" my dad announces, I hear Adlai's small fit hitting the floor, I walk into the main hallway and see her hugging Niall, and then my father. I stand with my arms crossed.

"Quinn!" Niall says.

"Don't Quinn me" I snap, he steps back looking at Harry who looks down at him. "I have been worried sick about you two! This isn't the dawn before the phones you could have at least texted me!" I shout.

"I am so sorry" Niall says, I roll my eyes.

"Save the apologies" I walk up to them, hugging Niall first. Before hugging my Father. "Next time, I'll hurt you" I whisper into his ear, before pulling away. "Niall tell me everything!" I say, taking his hand pulling him upstairs, Adlai following we leave my dad downstairs. We go into my room, sitting on my bed Niall pulls out my phone and starts showing us pictures.

"It was amazing, everything was so beautiful and in bloom!" he muses.

"Look at all the flowers" I mutter.

"It was wonderful, and I have something to tell you guys" he says. He sets down his phone. "Last night your father asked me to marry him"

"He asked you to what now" I say, attempting to make my jaw not drop.

"He asked me to marry him" Niall repeats, as if I was actually deaf.

"And you said?"

Niall holds out his hand, to answer all question. On top of the promise ring my father had already given him, was a new silver-plated diamond ring, with a curate as big as a cherry.


"I know most people are going to say we're moving too fast, and we don't know where we're heading but isn't that the point of life? You never truly know what's going to happen and why bother wait? I could die tomorrow! Nobody knows I am not saying I am doing this because why not, I love your father, I love him with every bone in my body...... And I don't care if we get married tomorrow, or in 5 years as long as I am with him" Niall says, I stare at him speechless.

"I'm happy for you" I say, pulling him into a hug, he hugs me back tightly. "Don't expect me to call you dad or anything" he roars with laughter, and everything is back to normal, and that blanket of weirdness was gone in an instant.

"We're going out to dinner!" he announces, just as my dad walks into the room.

"I assume you told them?" he says, Niall just nods. I climb out of bed, striding over to my father.

"You do anything to screw this up Harold, we're fighting" I say, he chuckles and I pull him into a hug. "I am happy for you dad" I whisper, kissing him on the cheek.

"Thank you, princess," he whispers, tightly hugging me back and I almost want to cry, but I don't I just pull away kissing him on the cheek again. Adlai runs over hugging him too, and then Niall joins and I hug again and we're just hugging.

We went to dinner at Red Lobster, a place Adlai oddly has never been to. We ordered enough food for twice the people that were sitting at the table and all we talked about was the weekend. What Adlai and I did, what they did minus the obvious sexual stuff, and it was amazing, we were a family a big happy family, and the heavy feeling in my heart, that I had been feeling ever since I found out about my father and Niall, was slowly melting away.

I could see it on his face he was happy, every line, his bright smile, the way he tipped back his head and laughed. He was actually happy, I don't remember the last time I saw him like this, this happy. He surely wasn't happy with all the whore he used to bring home, and I used to punish him so badly. I because a spoiled brat, just to get back at him and then I brought someone into his life, and now he's happy and I want to cry, my dad is happy after years of unhappiness and figuring out what to do with the world, something brought my dad and Niall together. Two broke pieces who fit together seamlessly.

"Quinn" my dad says, I look at him.


"You're crying honey, what's wrong?" he asks, I touch my face and I was in fact crying. I wipe my eyes smiling at him.

"I am just so happy" I say, he smiles a little and Niall pulls me into a hug. "I'm so happy"

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