7.14. Shattered Hearts

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chapter 7.14

Shattered Hearts 

Arsalan's POV

"Maulana Sahab! Nikah ka bataiye ap, kia Tehreem k sign ker deney se waqai.....

Dad trailed off looking at the long bearded man who had a deep frown on his broad forehead.

"Asad sahib! Ye nikah maflooj nikah hea. ap fiker mat Karen. Lerki ka pehla nikah us k wali ki maujoodgi or razamandi k baghair nai ho sakta"

Dad's face which was tensed till now relaxed a little and he looked at me with the same expression I was trying to escape.

"Arsalan beta! tum....

"Dad please! Do not expect anything from me, I have already made myself clear on this issue. I am up to no help for you guys here" I stood up, reminding him about our last night's conversation.

"Asad sahib! Wesey to mera koi haq nai banta apk mamlat mein dakhalandazi ka, mager meri maniye to ap bachey per zaberdasti na he Karen to behter hea" he stated softly to dad as I walked up to the window.

"Koi zaberdasti nai ker raha mager Maa baap bacho ko samjha to saktey hen na?" I heard dad stating.

Mom along with a maid stepped inside the drawing room, dragging the tea trolley towards the sitting.

"Maulana sahib! Tehreem ghar ki bachi hea, izzat hea hamari. Hamarey khandan ka fakhr hea, ye khush kismati ho gi Arsalan ki mager wo samjhey tab na" Mom was no less than dad. I turned and walked up to Mom.

"do whatever you people want to do, but trust me Mom! this won't go in anyone's favor" and with that I marched out of the drawing room, out of that suffocation.

Pata nai q mujhey bali ka bakra bana rahe hen ye log....

Shehry's POV

"Shaista band karo ye rona dhona, aj k bad koi is ghar mein Tehreem ki bat nai karey ga, jo hua bus ho gaya merey bety ko lerkiyon ki kami nai" it was definitely a rare occasion, Dad taking Hussain's side.

"Mom! please... stop it. Dad is right, we should forget it and let him forget as well, otherwise Hussain will stay stuck in his past" I wrapped my arm around Mom's shoulders stating softly, with the other hand I wiped the tear away her cheek.

"I can't see him like this" She uttered and I heaved up a sigh.

"Ap usey zaberdast wahan se le aaye, usey Tehreem ko samjhaney ka moqa to detey" Mom complained. "Wo kesey bhool paye ga sab?"

"he will be okay, once he will continue his studies here all will be fine, back to normal" Dad assured her or maybe himself.

"Shehry! I have asked the dealer about that apartment, they haven't rented it yet. You two can move in" Dad informed me and in disbelief I looked at him and then at Mom.

"But dad! you said its too expens...

"I said that and now am saying this. Hussain has to complete his studies and I don't want him alone here"

"per dad wahan apka kam..."

"tumharey peida honey se pehly bhi tumhara baap sambhalta tha apna kam aj bhi sambhal le ga" he cut me through and I pressed a flushed smile. "I want you to be with Hussain"

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