your in your bedroom fangirling over Justin bieber. your voting for him for MTVHottest. you hear a knock on the door you think its your mum.

(knock knock)

you: come in

the person walkes in. you look at them then go back to twitter. you froze. you looked back.

you: JUSTIN!!

Justin: hello (Y/N)

you: OMB i cant believe its really you!!

Justin: yeah its me. i looked on twitter and found you voting for me for the MTVHottest and ild like to say thank you.

you: your welcome but i cant believe your here

you think your gonna pass out.

he holds his hand out

Justin: here are some believe tour and VIP tickets

you take the tickets and scream you jump into his arms 

you: thank you thank you thank you i love you i love you i love you

Justin:Ive gotta go now il see you in the crowd

you smile 

he starts to walk out the door but he stops

Justin: oh yeah i forgot something

he leans over and gives you a long kiss on the cheek and winks.

you jumped on your bed and cried for the rest of the day. you couldn't wait to post this on twitter

@(Y/N)biebzgirl OMB you never guessed what happened...

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