He's such a good boy

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Liverpool, July 8th 1958

It's a hot summers day and Paul is walking down the streets of Liverpool.

With his new Teddy boy look these days he's wearing his black leather pants and jacket. No matter how hot it is. Paul hoped his quiff would stay shaped as perfect as he had made is before he left home, but he was afraid that the heat wasn't doing it any good.

He felt the sweat form on his body and little drops of sweat rolled down his face, but he tried not to care about it and kept walking over to John's home.

He was whistling a nice tune he had come up with this morning in the shower and couldn't wait to show John.

Paul stared up at the sky through his black sunglasses and saw the bright sun burning in the clear sky while he felt it burning through the black leather.

The guitar case felt a bit slippery in his sweaty hand and he wiped the sweat from his temple with his free hand.

A little later Paul finally arrived at the doorstep of John and Mimi's house and he put down the guitar case.

After removing his sunglasses he knocked on the door and waited for an answer.

The door swung open and a hopeful looking Mimi stood in front of Paul.

"Good morning Mimi" Paul smiled politely at her "How are you doing today?"

Her face dropped a little when she saw Paul standing there.

"Oh... hello Paul..." Mimi said and looked a bit nervous behind Paul as if she was looking for something or someone. Then she looked back at the boy in front of her who looked like he was about to melt like an ice-cream in this heat if she didn't let him into the cool home soon now.

"Please come in my boy" she smiled and stepped aside to let him in.

Paul took his guitar case in his hand and walked in, nodding a thank you at Mimi.

In the hallway Paul placed the guitar case down on the ground next to the door and let out a heavy sigh while he tried to wipe the sweat from his face, but it was no use. New drops of sweat formed immediately after wiping them away.

Mimi eyed the sweaty boy for a moment and then shook her head in disapproval.

"Don't you think it's a bit too hot for those clothes?" Mimi asked curiously seeing Paul pull his sticky sweaty shirt loos from his body and shaking it a little now to try to cool himself down.

"Maybe a little..." Paul answered while he looked up at Mimi and shrugged his shoulders.

"Would you like a glass of nice cold lemonade to cool down a little then?" Mimi asked looking on her watch.

"That would be lovely Mimi..." Paul smiled happily "...if it's not too much trouble...?"

"Of course not dear boy." Mimi smiled and walked over to the kitchen while Paul followed her.

Paul sat down on one of the chairs at the dining table and watched Mimi fixing his drink.

He noticed how Mimi kept on glaring at the clock nervously.

"Here you go..." Mimi said when she placed the glass in front of Paul.

Paul took the glass and took a few big gulps.

"Thank you very much!" He smiled at her and placed the now almost empty glass down again.

Mimi sat down at the table too and was tapping her foot on the ground nervously now while staring intensely at the clock. She looked so stressed that Paul was a little afraid to ask about John's whereabouts. He was sure his friend would show up in the kitchen anytime soon now, cause John knew he would come over this morning to teach him some new chords on the guitar. They had agreed on that yesterday.

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