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The song's mandatory. Press play

"Uuh, I love this song, turn it up!" I grinned and turned up the music myself as Alex took the exit onto a beautiful country road. We had officially left the city and were heading for the suburbs.

"Are you serious?" He chuckled. "Beyoncé's Partition? I didn't know you listened to that kind of music, Soph."

"Not only do I listen to it, I know the lyrics," I grinned, "Driver roll up the partition please, I don't need you seeing Sophie on her knees..."

"Not cool," Alex said, gripping harder on to the steering wheel. "Mind turning it down again now?"

"Why?" I grinned smugly and started moving to the music, circling my upper body to the beat and did some dirty gestures with my hands. "... oh he's so horny yeah he wants to fuurck, he popped all my buttons and he ripped my blouse... he Monica Lewinsky-ed all on my gown..."

"Alright, that's enough," He growled, just as we started cruising through a tiny city. "You're making it hard for me to drive, Soph."

I just smirked as my eyes fell to his pants and watched the bulge that was rising. 'Hard', he wasn't kidding. I couldn't help but practically moan the next part out just to tease him; "Take all... of me. I just wanna be the girl you like the kinda girl you like is right here with me"

"STOP," He snapped and turned off the music. He worriedly looked at the road, but found it hard to focus with a huge boner in his pants.

"Oh, come on, I like that song!" I complained. "It's so good!"

"A little too good," He growled and tightened his grip on the wheel.

I now struggled to contain my laughter when he had to adjust himself. "I didn't know you were that easy."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" He snapped and angrily flipped the radio back on, "Listen to that and tell me it wouldn't turn you on, too!"

Driver roll up the partition fast,
over there I swear I saw them cameras flash,
handprints and footprints on my glass,
handprints and good grips all on my ass...

"So doing it in a car turns you on?" I smirked and leaned back in my seat, watching his focused eyes fixate on the road ahead.

"A car, a bed, a tub, a table, the floor, on top of a giant pile of horse dung," He barked. "I haven't had sex in almost a month, I'm ready to go anywhere."

"Interesting," I grinned and leaned over to place a kiss on his jaw. I nibbled at his ear and softly drew his earlobe into my mouth.

I felt him shudder. "Jesus, Soph, I'm driving here. Put it back in your pants, you said so yourself, we're waiting."

"What if I don't want to anymore?" I whispered in his ear, now reaching down to his belt buckle, undoing it. "What if I want to stop waiting right... now?"

"Fuck, what the hell are you doing?" He hissed when I slipped my hand into his boxers, grasping around his length. He was diamond-hard. "Jesus, Soph! Are you out of your mind?"

The car made a violent jerk and had a car in the other lane honking at us. I couldn't help but chuckle, feeling how he was throbbing in my hand. I had always assumed he was big (duh, why else would the girls keep coming back for more?) but I never expected him to be this big. As I felt him for the first time, stroking my hand up and down his length, I couldn't help but bite my lip when I knew what I really wanted to do.

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