Chapter 3

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Papyrus looked at Frisk. She looked at him, and they both ran over to Alphys.
"What? Umm I-I don't- what a-are you t-talking about?" Alphys asked.
"Oh... oh! Oh, dear! This is bad. That was Error Sans. He is extremely dangerous. We have to get your brother back quickly. I think I have just the thing. Follow me!" Papyrus and Frisk followed Alphys down to the true lab, where they saw a machine. Alphys explained what it was. "It's a portal to the multiverse." She turned it on, then turned it off. "This is Error Sans we're talking about. You are going to need more than 2 people." Alphys made a call. 5 minutes later, Undyne showed up. Alphys explained what was going on. Undyne was up to the challenge. Alphys turned on the portal, and the 3 walked in. "Be careful!"
Red Sans had been staring at one spot on the wall for so long, Blue Sans was wondering if he was even conscious. Red's expression changed, showing that he was indeed awake, but now he was looking harder. Suddenly, right where he was looking, a portal opened up, and Papyrus, Frisk, and Undyne walked through. Red looked so confused.
"SANS! WHAT HAPPENED? LET ME GET YOU-" Papyrus said, getting cut off by Error Sans appearing in his way. Red took that moment to try and escape, because the newcomers were only here for Blue, not him. He started using his magic, which took a lot of concentration, to pull out the knife he had in his pocket all the time, and put it in his hand. He started cutting the strings. A minute later, his left arm was free, and he cut free the right arm. He carefully cut loose his soul, then finished cutting himself free. He grabbed a string, a lowered himself down. Blue noticed that he was free, and grinned. Red took aim, and silently cut his counterpart free.
"I'll distract Error, you get to your friends." Red whispered. Blue nodded. Red snuck up behind Error Sans, and said something. Error whipped around, and Red punched him hard in the face. He stumbled back.
"How did you escape?!?" Error Sans yelled. By now, Blue was ushering his friends away. Red kept Error's back to them as they fought. Despite being injured, he still put up a fight. Suddenly strings grabbed his arm, and pulled him up over a deep pit that Error Sans had opened under him. Blue Sans, seeing this, made a plan with the others.
"He seems kinda mean. Why should we help him?" Undyne asked.
"-Sigh- because he is literally me from another dimension, His Papyrus is probably missing him, and he practically saved all of us. Look at him. He's not really ready to die yet. Let's return his favor." Sans persuaded his friends. Red did look really nervous, hanging on for dear life. The strings that held him started disappearing, and he fell. Suddenly he stopped falling, and he looked at his soul, just to see it turned blue. He sighed in relief. He was about to make like W.D. Gaster and become absolutely nonexistent. He wasn't ready for that. Blue pulled him up and through the portal to join the rest of them. Error Sans looked at them, dumbstruck that they would do that.
"This isn't over!" Error yelled as they disappeared. Alphys looked at them all, then looked at both Sanses. They were definitely injured, to say the least. The one in red and black more so than their Sans. Maybe this one is just more reckless, and got on their captor's nerves. At any rate, both Sanses had little cuts wherever the strings touched them, and all over their souls.
"So, uhh, Blue. Are you gonna let me down now, or what?" The foreign Sans said. He had a deeper voice than regular Sans, and it almost seemed like it was a growl. Sans dropped him. Alphys, and apparently the others as well, looked nervous about him, but he did not attempt to harm them, or even go anywhere near them. He was sweating, but didn't show he was nervous. He was obviously a fairly good actor.
"So uhh... t-to get you back to your d-dimension, I need to know what it's called." Red Sans, Blue Sans, and Alphys were in Sans' lab now, since he had the portal to send people to other dimensions. Red shook his head. Blue answered for him.
"Underfell." He said. Red punched him in the arm, scowling. Now that she knew, she could send Mr creepy home. She fired up the portal, and Red Sans looked so conflicted about going home that Alphys had to ask.
"Why don't you want to go back to your home world?" She asked. No response. Blue picked up a spare communicator that everyone uses in this dimension to contact each other. He handed it to Red. Red took it, nodding his thanks, and walked through the portal. He disappeared.
2 years later...

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