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So it was Wesley's birthday today and I wanted to do something's for him.

The first thing is im going to cook him a very special meal then well you know take him upstairs.

So I made his favorite meal.

I set it up on the table then went upstairs and put on a nice dress.

I put my hair in a very nice ponytail.

I walked down the stairs and then put on my apron and made a beautiful cake.

I then took off my apron and walked into the living room and sat down and waited for Wes to come home.

Its been a while but then the front door opened and in walked a very sexy looking Wesley.

He came up to me and kissed me.

I said" Happy Birthday Wesley!!"

He said" Thanks babe and can I ask you why your all dressed up?"

I said" I made it a special night so I made you your favorite meal and a nice beautiful cake."

He said" Babe you didn't have to do that for me but thank you."

He then kissed me.

I pulled away and took his hand and pulled him in the kitchen where the meal was all set up.

He sat down and started eating.

I sat down and did the same.

After we were done with the diner I walked up to him and kissed him.

H kissed back immediately.

He got out of his seat and picked me up and I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist.

He walked up the stairs and into the bedroom.

He laid me down on the bed and started kissing my neck and finding my soft spot.

I moaned and the turned him on.

He unzipped my dress and took it off leaving me in my underwear and bra.

I took off his shirt and when I saw his abs that turned me on.

He kissed down my collarbone to my stomach.

He then took of my bra and started sucking on my boob and rubbing the other one.

I moaned again and then unbuckled his belt and pull down his pants.

I could see he had hardened which really turned me on. 

He took off my underwear and I took off his boxers.

He put his thing by my entrance and looked up at me and I nodded and he entered me.

I could feel the pain but then it turned in to pleasure. 

He trusted in and out and I just moaned his name.

I was almost there so I told him and he said he was almost there too.

I  felt him let go and so I let go.

He landed next to me and said" Best birthday present ever."

I said" Yeah."

We sat there for a bit just trying to catch our breath when I said" So how about that cake?"

He said" I would love to and then maybe after I can get a round 2."

I nodded so we got up and I put on my underwear and Wesley's shirt.

And lets just say we did have a round 2 and it was even better than round 1.

Hey guys I hope you liked it. bookworm10072000 I hope youl liked it too.

So everyone plz...



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