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This is what you look like (FYI shes my Black Butler OC so please dont steal her

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This is what you look like (FYI shes my Black Butler OC so please dont steal her. And she is Sebastians daughter so yeah.) If you want change anything on it when I say something in the story.

Your POV:

Ciel has gotten kidnapped again. What a surprise. I sat up on the roof railings. Well the ones that we're still standing. Sebastian (my father) had knocked down most of them trying to get his Master back. To be honest I was jealous. I was jealous of Ciel. He always had Sebastian. I never had him. I was his daughter yet he choose Ciel over me. I was the heir to the throne ( BTW Your the same age as Ciel. Okay so in this story I have it as Sebastian is the heir to the throne of Hell and you are the second heir. So yeah I hope thats understandably. Anyways ON with the story) Sebastian had killed everyone and was now untying Ciel. "You have to admit My Lady he is kinda cute." My maid Grace said as Cromwell, my chef and her boyfriend glared at her. I look away not responding to her. "When are you going to show yourself My Lady?" Charlie my butler in training asks "Soon" I reply. I look towards my servants Alexander and Benjamin, my twin butlers, Charlie, my butler in training, Grace, my head maid, Cromwell, my chef and Abby, my gardener. All of them were demons. It wasnt like I had contracts myself just my grandfather (Satan / The Devil) assigned me to them and they have been my loyal servants and best friends.


I didnt get out much as a child as I was always studying and taking lessons to be a queen. I hated Hell. Everyone called me "Your highness" or "Your Majesty" I hated being known as royality. I was never aloud to do many things and everytime I tried to play with children my age they would always let me win or let me take control. When I was 10 I gave up on royality and decided to burn all my dresses and wear jeans and t-shirts Tomboy styled. (Sorry if you're a girly girly but just got with it for now) I started to look for Sebastian more and more and paying less attention to my "Royal Duties" my friends / servants were loyal to me no matter what I did. You may be wondering why I never say "Father" or "Dad" when referring to Sebastian. Well, the reason why, is I hate him. (NOT REALLY I LOVE HIM JUST GO WITH IT AND DONT GIVE ME HATE!!) You see my mother died in child birth so I never cared about her much. Sebastian. Well I loved him. He was the best father ever. But when I was around 3 he started getting depressed and angry. I remember the night. So.. well. I was playing with some toys when I spilt my water on the carpet. Sebastian got really angry and started abusing me, telling me "I was the reason my mother died." To be honest it was true, my mother was a human. She couldnt handle giving birth to a demon so she died. Sebastian knew she wouldnt live but went along with it. After he stopped abusing me he went and grabbed a gun and shot me in the head.

~Present Time~

I winced as I thought of that memory, "You shouldnt be thinking of those bad memories, My Lady." Abby's sweet voice said, I dont respond and continue looking at Ciel and Sebastian. Sebastian had untied Ciel and was now walking out when a man got up and aimed his gun at Ciel. "Thats my Que" I said and jumped down landing on his head and killing him. The impact made Ciel and Sebastian turn around. I fixed my hood over my eyes and looked at Sebastian and Ciel. We had a stare off till Ciel said "Who are you?" "A friend.. ish" I replied. "Ish?" Ciel said and I smirked. He looked at Sebastian and said "Kill him" Guess he thought I was a boy since Im wearing Jeans and a hoodie "Yes, My Lord." Sebastian replied causing me to growl. I saw Alexander and Benjamin get ready to jump but I hand signaled them to stay put. Sebastian pulled out some silver knifes and ran towards me. I stood still and moved out of the way and he landed behind me. Ciel looked surprised at this action and Sebastian glared at me. "How did you dodge that." Ciel ask as Sebastian continued look at me or I guess my hood? "Simple" I respond. I guess I forgot to say. Im a full demon. I have the same powers as Sebastian and Im the Cat demon which makes Sebastian basically useless to me cause of his love for them. "Put your hood down." I look at him threw my bangs and dont respond. He sighs "Sebastian remove his hood. Thats an order." Thats a terrible request. Sebastian bows "Yes, My Lord." Sebastian walks towards me and Alexander and Benjamin jump down and dont allow him touch me. Sebastian and Ciel are surprised. I take this time to teleport beside Ciel and lean on his shoulder. "You know its nice to say Thank You after I saved you." He jumps upon noticing me. "How did you get here?" Sebastians eyes glow pink before turning red again. I remove my hood and reveille my back length black hair in a high pony tail and red eyes (Sorry im just going by the drawing I drew ((pic above)) so if you want change it.) "Who are you?" Sebastian says, I growl and start walking towards him. "Your daughter" I walk pass him causing Alexander and Benjamin to follow me and Grace, Cromwell, Charlie and Abby to come down. We stop at the door at the other side of the room and Abby teleports to Ciel giving him a piece of paper to were I will be staying and other contacts. She teleports back and I glare at Sebastian's surprised face. I walked out with my servants / best friends and teleported to my new mansion. "Welcome Home Lady (f/n add your real name instead of Michaelis)" Benjamin says as we walk into the mansion.

Hi! Thank You for reading this! I will give more describtion on the servants / best friends.

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