Quick say For all my fans!! (not a story)

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Ok maybe not quick...but I think anyone who is a fan should read this. Or is interested in some advise!!

First of Thank you for loving the story!! I am glad you like it. Also thnx for the WONDERFUL...AMAZING coments. There are a few of yu who make me laugh by yur reactions....thnx for that!! I love laughing. Ok continuing.

I get alot of private messages asking me to read your stories and to comment and advise. I have read some and did give advise. But the thing is...the time I have iI either write the story or read your stories. It's gonna take tooo long. Don't forget I do go to school. i wish I didn't, but I have to. I do work!! So time is limited.

So for anyone who has asked me to read their stories...I'm sorry if I didn't, I really am. I mean like there are soo many great stories out there. Like the Hot page is full of awesome stories....which I really want to read...but I am always busy writing my story, or doing other stuff. (thts why i'm not a fan of allot of ppl. But i'm sure if I read their stories then i will be the biggest fan!!)

Quick Advise for anyone who wants it!!

When you write your stories make sure you have the plot layed out meaning you know how it's going to end, and what the problem is, and how it's going to be solved. That's the key.

Next describe the scene well enough, so that if someone reads it they will know where the characters are. And add feelings...bascially if you were caught in that situation what would you do and how would you feel??

Last thing don't go too fast in your stories...take time. Remember anything is possible, anything can happen....cus....it's your story!!

And thts all.....again I'm truly sorry If you asked me something ad I haven't answered yet. But I do read your comments....and let me tell yu some of you are like Great guessers...whr most of you are off track while guessing...but I still love reading your comments.

Now i'm going to go upload the next part of I come home from school....to find a hot guy in my house!!!

Love ya....take care <3 <3 :) XD

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