An Exciting Barbeque. Part 35

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7th September 2018 All Rights Reserved


Jenny's POV...

Arriving at the Stevenson's home was such a relief. It has been a long flight from home up to Darwin, then into another plane to fly to Sydney, then picking up the hired Landcruiser and load all our luggage as well as us and the triplets for this last leg of our journey was bloody tiring.

Especially when you are pregnant with twins. We would have used our own plane but it was having a overhaul at the moment, so we couldn't use it.

Damn it, Daniel certainly knows how to knock someone up, doesn't he? Just like Mack did.

Sometimes I do think of him. It's hard not to, I told Daniel. It's usually when I see the kids do something that reminds me of him. But other than that, I don't think of him at all. Daniel makes it easier for me to be able to do that since he took on the job of being the kids daddy.

That made me a little sad too sometimes when I think of that job not being provided by Mack for his own children. I hope that he loves the one he made with Rachel, I really do. That little baby of theirs didn't deserve any backlash from it's parents, it was innocent as much as I was innocent too.

But Daniel always finds ways for me to be distracted when he thinks I'm remembering. Then he might do something stupid with the kids that makes me laugh, like making a swimming pool. Not your normal one, no. This one was made of mud.

The kids loved it. It seems that Mary had gotten the babies interested in mud baths long before we had the crash. She made it like a game when we went outside and the mud became a sunscreen for us. So Daniel kept that little game up as it seemed to be working when the kids always came back inside laughing or smiling with their father, but completely covered in mud from head to foot.

Both Mum and Dad, as Geoffrey now was, since they got married, would always come rushing through the house to head them off before they ran rampant through the house with all their mud scattered all over the place.

They made a new game before coming inside. Who can chase daddy with the hose and wash the mud off. That was the new game the kids took to which they played among themselves when their daddy wasn't there. That was usually when he went on a job away from home of course. But he was home for the most part and usually flew out for those jobs since he has his own plane or two for that.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, it was a relief to finally get here in Orange and catch up with everyone. And I mean everyone since it looked like they are all here.

Ma, as I called Daniel's Mum, had called and told us they had found out the sex of the babies and wanted to know if we wanted to come and enjoy some time here and play a few games about the babies at this barbeque that the men didn't know was about to be played.

But that was going to happen after lunch when everyone was full and settled down and relaxed enough to enjoy the game before they would be hit with the news. Even Grandma Meggie and Poppa Ron will be surprised too at what will be revealed. Joy had a good talk with me about it. Even Daniel will be very surprised.

As everyone was being distracted by all the babies here now, Joy sneaked looks at us and motioned for us to go with her to where the main bathroom was. So one by one, us pregnant ladies all made our way out oof the room and into the where all the girls wer meeting. The only one who was excluded was Sues since she wasn't pregnant. At least we don't think she was.

"All right, ladies. I have filled Jenny in on what's happening and she has some news of her own." She said with a smile as she motioned me to say what we had chatted about on the phone when she rang.

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