Chapter Twenty Two::Oxcross

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A/N: Sorry this chapter is so late, and probably not my best, I got stuck on what to write, but I still wanted you guys to have a chapter for today, so here you are. Apologies for it once again, but I hope you still enjoy it. Also in case any of you are interested on Twitter I'm @swagmuffin103 :) feel free to follow me!!

Panic filled her body the further across the field she got, her legs moving without command, her worry fueling her otherwise waning energy. She couldn't think about the dull ache that had begun to form in her over-worked muscles, or the chill that slowly worked it's way up her fingers, all she could do was look. Frantically searching the battlegrounds for any sort of familiar face. It had been eating away at her all day, since the men had gone off to fight, until now, and despite the victory, Raina could not feel happy until she found someone, anyone, that she knew. She'd felt concern boil inside of her, and had struggled to find anything that could cease the worry for the hours the King's men had spent fighting, and in turn had wasted the time stalking around the camp, fiddling with her fingers and trying to think of anything but Robb or her friends. She'd always worried about them fighting, but never had they been so close to the Lannisters like they were now, and never had Raina felt so guilty about the things she was yet to tell Robb. If something were to go wrong today, it would mean she'd lied to him in the last months they'd spent together, and had never told him the truth despite all the chances she'd been given to come clean. She wasn't sure how she'd cope if such a scenario were to ever become reality. The fear of losing Robb was horrific enough without the added guilt of all the lies she'd told, she couldn't even begin to imagine how it would feel if the time came when it were to actually happen, especially if that time were now. And what about her brother, her hero and protector, how could she go on without her own flesh and blood, the only consistent thing in her life for so long, standing at her side. And Rodrik, she'd known him since she was small, she couldn't imagine losing another Forrester, especially not one that meant just as much to her as Asher, and the thought of telling the other children that they've lost another brother, or telling his mother that she'd never see her eldest son again, made Raina feel thoroughly sick.

All of these thoughts, and concerns, plagued her mind for the duration of the day, never leaving her head, not even now, when she knew they'd won another battle. She wasn't sure they'd ever leave, the burden would always stay with her until she finally told the truth, and could be certain all those that she loved were out of harm's way.

Stalking further across the large stretch of muddied land, now strawn with bodies of fallen men, Raina kept her eyes wide, and focus set on finding a familiar face. In the distance, she could see the sigil of House Stark upon a banner, writhing in the wind as it blew through the land; however it was not uncommon to see banners such as these on the battlefield, when everyone fighting for the King would carry the sigil. Raina had hoped that maybe spotting banners from Glover men, or Forresters, would assist with her search for friends, but there were none that she could see. She'd also considered that maybe the King had gathered his council men together after the fight, and perhaps, if she were lucky, she'd stumble across them soon enough. But that potential failed to calm her nerves during the search. All she could do was walk, every other possible function she'd previously been able to do, no longer worked, and instead she simply moved in one direction, scouring the area desperately.

After what could have easily been hours, Raina came to an area filled with armoured men, all of which holding the sigil of House Stark upon their chest plates and shields. It was somewhat comforting to be surrounded by allied men, but still brought no warmth to Raina's dwindling mood as she was yet to find the whereabouts of her brother and close friends. Though the probability of them being close was much higher now that she was in a populated area. She maneuvered through men, and carts of bodies, making sure to not be in anyone's way as she rapidly searched the crowded space. It was only when she wasn't looking that she found someone familiar. Walking in a straight line, eyes scanning everywhere but in front of her, Raina came face to face with Rodrik's back, stumbling as she collided with her friend. "Watch it, Glover," He snapped playfully, engulfing her in a bear-like hug once he caught sight of whom it was. Raina did not even bother telling him to keep his voice down, all she was concerned with was that he was still standing. "Good to see you too," She smiled, linking her arms around his strong torso and embracing him as best she could in his armour. "Have you seen-" She began, having pulled away from their reunion so that she could look up to him. "The King was in that direction the last I saw of him," Rodrik replied instinctively, rolling his eyes sarcastically, he knew too well what Raina prioritised. "Thank you," She gushed, hugging him quickly one last time before dashing off in the direction Rodrik had pointed.

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