Chapter 2

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Kris POV

So right now we are filming the show and I called everyone except Katherine here to tell them shocking news .

"So guys I wanna throw Katherine a surprise party "I told them my idea

"What for "Kourtney asks playing with Penelope.

"Ah while I got a letter in the mail for Katherine "I told them

"What did it say"Kim asked eating a cookie.

"Well some how the owner of Victoria Secret saw Katherine's designs and they want a partnership with her "I exclaimed

"Omg"Kylie gasp covering her mouth

"Wait so what does that mean"Kendall asked slightly confuse

"They want to give her ,her own store that will be like another part of Victoria Secret but her own"I explained to them .

"So are you gonna let her do it"Khole asked

"Yeah like school is almost over and I think it's time for her to do something that will take on further in life "I told them.

"Okay so when do you wanna throw the party"Kim asked

"I think probably on Friday we can do it at the house "I told them my idea

"Okay so this has to stay a secret,so Kylie don't tell her "Kendall scolded her sister

"Why me "Kylie asked

"Because you and Kat are the closest sister here and you might let it slip out "Khole explained to a confuse Kylie .

"Ok I promise I won't but wouldn't she get curious to why we are sneaking around "Kylie asked us .

"Just lets do this for her and have fun so no arguing "I told them sternly.

"Okay so what is Kat doing after school" Kendall asked .

"I don't know she said that she is gonna be hanging out with Justin "I informed them what I know .

Right after I finished my sentence the door opened revealing Cait.

"Hello people"She greeted us .

"Hey so we are planning a surprise party for Kat because VS wants to give her ,her own clothing store "Kim informed him

"That's amazing"Cait exclaimed

"Yeah it is but what is going on with Kat and Justin"Khole asked

"It's like very complicated "Kendall informed them.

"Kat said that its like they want to date but they're not sure yet"Kim explained to everyone.

"Plus she scared"Kylie told them

"Why would she be scared"Cait asked

"Because they been best friends for a long time and if they were to break up it won't be the same again"Kylie explained to him.

"Awe she most really care for him"Kourtney  says

"She should take a risk"Cait told us grabbing a water bottle.

"I think she doesn't know what to do because she not understanding the concept of being in a relationship "I told them what I was thinking.

"While I think we should leave that alone and let her worry about that and we should just be there for her "Kim told us .

"So let's plan this party"Khole  cheered.

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